All the iPhone and Mac user’s heart touching features were iTunes because many of them love music and enjoy it while doing regular activities.

That’s why in this Guide, we are going to look at the issue of iPhone not showing up in iTunes. So, in other words, you plug in your iPhone to your Mac and nothing happens. You don’t see your iPhone show up in iTunes. You can’t back it up. You can’t sync. In other words, your computer may or may not detect the phone, but iTunes doesn’t. Are you struggling to resolve iPhone not showing up in iTunes and tried the support and ways of whole world. Don’t Worry! Don’t Worry!

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    Troubleshooting Techniques

    So, in this Guide, you are going to go through a list of known troubleshooting techniques that will resolve the problem for you.

    Method 1: “Authentic Lightning Cable”

    First and foremost, you want to make sure that you’re using an original lightning cable. The problem is it’s most likely counterfeit. Doesn’t have the microchips on the inside of that connector for the iPhone to identify it as authentic.

    The other thing is, if you have one of the newer MacBook Pros, you’ll know that you have to use an adapter that goes from USB C to the lightning cable. Now, a lot of the ones on Amazon aren’t M.F.I. certified.

    “So, you’ll find that the cables and the adapters look good, but Apple does not license them. So, before you’re buying any cables or any adapters, make sure that they’re licensed by Apple, which is M.F.I. certified, made for iPhone”.

    “If you’re going to use a third-party cable, which you can prefer is Amazon Basics Cable, just a white cable. They are M.F.I. certified.”

    Please take a look at both ends to make sure they’re not sprayed. Also, try a different lightning cable. Sometimes that fixes the problems seem simple. A lot of the times there could be some gunk in a U.S.B.C. port and try a different one. Sometimes that’ll fix the problem too. What if its not your lucky day to resolve when iPhone not showing up in iTunes.

    Method 2: “Make Sure iPhone Connected To Computer”

    Our next troubleshooting step is to make sure that your Mac recognizes that your iPhone is plugged in now to check if your Mac recognizes your iPhone.

    • Click the Apple menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
    • Click on About this Mac
    • Click the system report on the left-hand side.
    • Scroll down to U.S.P., and then you’ll see USB 3.0 bus or other U.S.P. devices, and you can see your iPhone.
    • If your Mac doesn’t recognize your iPhone try a different USB port.

    If it is not working, then try the other way. Take the iPhone to go to a friend’s house and plug it into their computer. If their laptop recognizes your friend’s iPhone and not years there could be a problem with the iPhone itself. In that case, go to the Apple store.

    But if your iPhone is recognized on your friend’s computer. Then you know that it works with computers it’s an issue with your computer. Suppose you have a Mac take your iPhone or your Mac into the Apple store. They’ll take a look at it most likely, mostly if other U.S. U.S. devices work like printers. It’s an issue with the drivers of the software in the Apple Store. Generally, they will fix software issues for free.

    Still, it is not working then go with the below methods.

    Method 3: iTunes Is Waiting For Mac, PC, And iPhone Update”

    The next thing you want to move on to is to make sure that you have all updates installed on your Mac and P.C.P.C. and your iPhone.

    How to install updates on Mac

    • On your Mac, you can go to the Apple logo.
    • Go to the App Store and check to make sure that all the updates have been installed.
    • So now you want to go into system preferences. You used to get O.S.O.S. updates and then you’ll have the software update button. And from there you’d like to address that one.
    • It’ll check, and you’ll know that you have all your updates installed.

    And you can see on my computer that items up to date but an easy way to update your M.A.C. is to click update all and go through the process a lot of times that fixes the problem reboot your Mac.

    If an item update isn’t available, we can also check the O.S on your back. You might see a software update for your entire Mac operating system. If you see it, then do it. Here is the important step to get rid if iPhone not showing up in iTunes.

    How to install update’s on a PC.

    The first step is to update items on your computer if your iPhone won’t connect to computer.

    • In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen click the windows button on other versions of Windows it might be a little bit different and find Apple software updates.
    • Go to all programs and choose Apple software update at the top. If an update is available your computer will search for it and then, you can choose to install it. A lot of the times that fixes the problem and can connect the iPhone to your PC or Computer.
    Now take a quick look at the iPhone in the meantime.

    Restart your iPhone. Good, new software crash simple software on iPhones can interfere with the process.


    • Press and hold the power button. iPhone 8. For earlier iPhone’s select side button and volume down button.
    • And then you’ll slide the power off. Just turn it off, turn it back on. Sometimes that fixes the problem sure.

    The next step is to update your iPhone software.


    • So you’ll go into settings.
    • And you can go into general and software updates and here you’ll see all the updates if any available.
    • Download and install them.
    • If you already updated, then it says your software is up to date.

    “It looks pretty simple and straightforward, but important sometimes you will be surprised an update resolves an issue.”

    once updates are installed, restart your devices or restart your Mac and restart your iPhone you can follow the above steps to continue and then turn it back on after 30 seconds or so. The same goes for your Mac. Locate an Apple logo, a restart.

    Once the devices have been restarted, you can do it. And you’re still having these issues and your iPhone not showing up in iTunes. Don’t worry, follow the below methods.

    Method 4: Updating The Device Driver”

    No wonder if  iPhone not showing up in iTunes, then this could be exact solution. This method is to update the device driver on your computer iTunes is waiting for a windows update to install the driver for this iPhone.


    To update the device driver on your computer or make sure that it’s working correctly. A device driver allows your iPhone to communicate with your computer accurately.

    Now there are a lot of different ways to get into the device manager which is where we need to go but now what you are going to do will probably work for every version of Windows, and it’s a little bit of a shortcut on your keyboard.

    • There’s a Windows key hold that key and tap where windows are.
    • Now comes up with a little run prompt.
    • Type in here is DTV M.G.. MT. M S C and hit OK it will open Device Manager on your computer take an under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    • Just click that little triangle to open that up.
    • You will see Apple mobile device U.S.P. driver and double click on that to open it and then click the driver at the top.
    • Next, click Update driver and T.A.B. search automatically for updated driver software.
    • Windows will search the internet and see if there’s an update if there is choose to install it and that may fix this problem.

    After you do this, you may have to unplug your iPhone from your computer and plug it back in. Just try that click close and close to the Vice manager and before you move on to the next step. You want to reiterate the importance of checking for antivirus software on a P.C. A lot of the time that can interfere with this. So if you’re going to connect to your iPhone, sometimes you could disable it for like 30 minutes, turn it back on. The problem will be solved. Hope so, now wonder you are the one lucky person who still struggling with iPhone not showing up in iTunes.

    Method 5: iTunes Is Waiting For Windows Update Using Run Prompt”

    If that doesn’t work, our final P.C. troubleshooting step is to update windows.

    • Open the run prompt by typing Windows key art.
    • Type in “WUAPP” to open the windows update the app check for updates and update it.
    • If iTunes isn’t working for you a lot of times, this will fix the problem. So that wraps it up for a piece.

    That’s what you do when your iPhone on Connect the iTunes on P.C.P.C. If it doesn’t work below are few other techniques have a look at it.

    Method 6: “How To Connect iPhone To MacBook Using Trust Option”

    So the first time you connect an iPhone to a computer a little pop up appears that asks if you want to trust this computer and you want the option to click trust or don’t count. If you click, don’t trust the first time your iPhone won’t connect to that computer forever. So there is a way to reset the setting. If you have clicked, don’t trust in the past. This resolves the problem for most users facing iPhone not showing up in iTunes. Lets find out how to roll out.


    • Go back to the settings and go back to the main page in the settings app.
    • Scroll down to the general.
    • Scroll down to reset, and you’re going to tab reset location and privacy into your passcode confirm reset, and iPhone turn off turn back on, and your location and privacy settings will be reset.
    • The next time that you plug your phone back into the computer, you’ll get a notification saying, hey, do you want to trust this? Make sure that you tap trust; otherwise, you’ll run into that same problem again. And, if that still hasn’t worked.

    The final universal tip is to fix this problem is to disable software that may be interfering with your iPhone’s connection to your computer. Usually, the antivirus software that gets in the way and tries to scan the device when you first plug it in. A lot of times that break the whole process.

    So, if still your problem running no problem try one more method.

    Method 7: Reinstall iTunes”

    iPhone not showing up in iTunes problem sounds simple. But, you know, these problems can get a little tricky and kind of different for everyone. So, you can start taking more invasive methods and start by reinstalling iTunes.

    iTunes, the application, fun fact actually cannot be deleted. If you say right, click move to trash. It won’t let you; it doesn’t even give the option. If you try to drag it to the trash, you’ll get an application. iTunes can’t be moved. It’s an item that can’t be deleted.

    Now do this

    •  Go to Google
    • delete iTunes, or reinstall iTunes.
    • Once you download it, double click on the installer, and it will reinstall a new version of iTunes.

    There the options are minimal, and they take you down corridors that really shouldn’t be traveled.

    “Sometimes it’s a third-party site that has a cracked version of iTunes. Stay away from that.”

    And most of the time you can fix your problem just by getting a new version of iTunes installed.

    This method was also not worked for iPhone not showing up in iTunes, don’t give up still you have other tricks. Keep on reading.

    Method 8: “Change Preference Files if iPhone not showing up in iTunes”

    If installing a new iTunes doesn’t fix it, then you have to dive even a little bit deeper, in which case you’d have to change preference files that might be corrupted and causing these issues for you.

    You can also have these in the descriptions. You can copy-paste. But nearly any file that ends in the list, you should rename to Dot Old so that the computer or the operating system instead creates a new version of this file that’s clean and without any quote-unquote corruption.

    And at this point, you’ll usually find the resolution because there’s not much else that can go wrong with iTunes aside from these files and the app itself. Hope you iPhone not showing up in iTunes should resolve.

    And then Go to folder. It would help if you got a little window that pops up, click, and paste.

    You can notice something you are going to the directory forward-slash user’s forward slash and connect. Your username is going to be displayed.

    And the quick way of how to find your username is to go to Macintosh HD. you go to users, and then you’ll see the little folder that has the home icon, that’s your username.

    And now you immediately bring to the Pulis file. What you want to do now is click on that Pulis file. And essentially what will happen is the next time you launch iTunes, that file will get automatically recreated. Repeat this step with all files, have the directories and the names of the files that you want to rename.

    And then, you know, you can always try to do each one and then start iTunes and see if that solves your problem. Also, after renaming these files, not necessary, but maybe a good idea to restart your computer to make sure that those updates are confirmed. Are you still seeing iPhone not showing up in iTunes, then you should go to the Method 9.

    Method 9: “Reinstall macOS – iPhone not showing up in iTunes”

    iPhone not showing up in iTunes - Reinstall macOS

    Mostly pretty much covered 99 percent of the issues that you have with iTunes by the above methods, if still, iPhone not showing up in iTunes issue persists. Then the final, most kind of invasive step that you can take is reinstalling the operating system. Don’t delete any data—just installing a fresh copy of Mac OS on top of all your documents and files. And that’s kind of like a kill all.

    Method 10: “Apple Mobile Device Support”

    If that still doesn’t work, take the help of Apple Mobile Device Support for that you have to essentially go back to factory default, clean, fresh slate without any data or anything on it. In case you’d want to save your stuff to either Google Drive or, you know, Dropbox or maybe like an external hard drive, on a flash drive if you don’t have much data. But at that point, you’ve pretty much covered all bases as far as figuring out why your iTunes isn’t working.

    Method 11: Reset The Lockdown Folder”

    Reset The Lockdown Folder

    Now you come to our final Mac troubleshooting step if iPhone not showing up in iTunes. Then you have to reset the lockdown folder to build your max a bit of a tricky effort along to our full Guide and resetting a lockdown folder in a card above and the description section below.

    So that pretty much wraps the guide about how to troubleshoot issues with iTunes connecting to your iPhone on P.C and Mac. You might also like to read Ultimate Guide On How To Clean Mac Screen.