The need for a comprehensive screen design, iPhone X abandoned from 2007 to date to maintain the Home key, converted to full use gesture control. When you first use this phone, you may feel a little confused. Don’t worry; with the 9 tips in this article, you can fully grasp how this phone is used.

Make your iPhone more faster.

Open the application switcher like a master

Due to the cancellation of the Home button, you need to learn a lot of new gestures. Turning on the app switcher may be the more troublesome one. The official introduction is to slide up from the middle of the bottom of the screen and wait for the app switcher to appear. However, this operation is very slow and sometimes it is not successful. In contrast, you can slide an arc up from the bottom and the switch will appear directly.

Restore the Home button (to some extent)

If you really miss the Home button, you can at least restore its virtual form. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assist Touch and you will see a virtual Home button on the screen. You can customize the shortcuts in them, or assign different actions for single points, double clicks, and long presses. If you are worried about burning the screen, it is best to set the opacity of the limit below 40%.

To some extent, the virtual Home button is richer than the physical button function, and you can place it anywhere on the screen without having to stick to the original location of the actual button.

3. Unlock your phone faster

When you unlock your phone, new users may wait for the lock icon on the screen to unlock before sliding the phone. In fact, you don’t need to do this: because the face ID scan speed is quite fast, the accuracy is very high, you can slide the screen to unlock the phone without picking up the phone, instead of waiting for half a second.

  1. Display the percentage of battery
  2. iOS does not display the battery percentage by default, but you can go to the settings menu to open it. Although iPhone X removes this setting option, don’t worry, you can slide down from the right side of the bangs to open the control center and see the percentage of power here.
  3.  How to quickly disable the face ID
  4. If you don’t want to use the face ID for some reason, you can use this method to quickly disable it: as long as you press the power button 5 times, the face ID will be automatically turned off and the phone unlock mode will become the password. To reactivate the face ID, you will also need to enter your password.
  5.  Quickly switch applications
  6. You can swipe to the right at the bottom of the screen to switch to the last running app, or continue swiping to the right to open the previous app.
  7. Save up to 60% of battery power
  8. The iPhone X’s own battery life is already good enough. It is basically no problem to use for one and a half days. The low battery mode can further extend battery life. But if you are not enough, the following method can extend the iPhone X’s battery life by up to 60%. You just need to change the wallpaper to pure black, flip the color, and then set the color filter to grayscale.
  9. The reason why this can save power is that the black color in the OLED display is not illuminated, so there is no power consumption. If your phone doesn’t have enough power and you can’t find a place to charge in a short time, try this.
  10.  Make the control center easier to reach
  11. Opening the control center on the iPhone X is not intuitive, especially when operating with one hand. But you can use iOS’s convenient access features to change this. Go to Settings > Accessibility and open the portable access switch and you can swipe down at the bottom of the screen to pull the item at the top of the screen to the reachable range. You can then slide down on the right side of the screen to open the Control Center.
  12. Turn off the alarm with a face
  13. The harsh alarm clock is very annoying, but on the iPhone X, you no longer need to turn off the alarm clock with your hand. After the alarm goes off, you just pick up the phone and the face ID will automatically lower the volume after recognizing your face.
  14.  Use the moving expression as a sticker
  15. The moving expression is a very addictive feature, but most people only know to share it as a short 10-second video to a friend, but they don’t know it can be used as an iMessage sticker.
  16. To use this feature, simply click on the App Store button next to the iMessage input bar to record a moving expression, then click on the generated animation and it will be placed in the input field for you to send as a sticker.