For the next decade of iPhone Apple’s 10 anniversary, iPhone X sets a gold standard.

Compare to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X stole the show despite sharing identical internal hardware.

iPhone X  is a beautiful, modern sculpture. The iPhone owners had a reason to show off their phones again.

After months pass on, let’s watch a review on iPhone X in some aspects.

  • A stunning display
  • Speedy and a gesture-based iOS
  • Face ID
  • Alternative appearance

A stunning display

When you turn on the iPhone X and it is easy to forget almost every other phone released over the past year.

Apple did not start the bezel-less smartphone design trend, where the edges around the screen melt away to offer an immersive all-screen experience.

But it helps to popularize it. Other phones also had smaller bezels. We can examine the apple here. iPhone X’s Face ID reviewed

When the iPhone first launched, many apps did not support the full display. Most popular apps support it more than a month after its release.

Still, many that don’t support even six months later. Developers continue their efforts to update apps.

The OLED display makes a long way in making amends for these quibbles. Razor-sharp and has a 5.8-inch screen and has a 2436 * 1125 pixel resolution. As many other OLED android phone’s colors are vibrant, blacks are as pitch dark.

Easy to read in direct sunlight. It is hard to pull your eyes away from this screen.

Controversial notch cut out at the top of the screen the front-facing fit the front-facing camera continues to split opinion, as it’s now on more phones.

The notch on the essential phone is smaller. does not contain the same depth-sensing sensor technology as the apple phone.

What surprises about the iPhone X is its size. feels compact. larger than the 4.7inch iPhone 8, but it has a bigger screen than 5.5inch iPhone 8 plus.

Speed and a gesture-based iOS

AnTuTu: 206,010

Geekbench4cpu: 4,231 single-core; 9,877 multi-core

AnTuTu score is less than what we seen on our iPhone 8 and 8 plus. respective scores are 214,492 and 222,462.

iPhone X  also introduced A new way to interact and navigate with iOS

Do you notice, we did not mention a home button earlier it was not there.

What do you think? What replaces it?


iPhone X’s Face ID reviewed

Access the control center by sliding down the top right shoulder. And pull down the notification center from the center notch area.

If you are using an app, you will notice an elongated bar at the bottom swipes it up to go back to the home screen.

Swipe it up and pause thus you will observe all your previous apps for some quick multitasking.

Enjoy drawing a shape like U by sliding your finger from bottom left to the bottom right you can also switch between apps.

If you have used iOS before then there is a learning curve.

It is not suited to one-hand use in all situations. If you are not using two hands, then it is easy to open the notification center rather than the control center.

Hardware actions are also different. Gesture-based interactions are a thoughtful way of navigating the home button-less iPhone X. The animations are slick, fluid, and futuristic.

Face ID

iPhone X’s Face ID reviewed

It is the hallmark of the iPhone X and a huge gamble for Apple. It completely replaces Touch ID.

Now, instead of swiping a fingerprint just look at your phone and it unlocks.

In an initial review, we did not think it works well and found it slower to be a touch ID. it has improved and told us there is a quicker way to use face ID.

When you want to go to the home screen – Raising your phone and waiting for the padlock to unlock, then swiping up to go to the home screen and swipe up the lock screen it is all now not needed.

Just see a quick face ID animation if it recognizes you and viola you are through.

Apple says face ID gets better over time because it’s continually updating its model of you.

It recommends to never reset your face ID profile, and we have been impressed with its improving speed.

Alternate appearance

When you have continues trouble with face ID, then you can enjoy adding an alternative appearance?

It will be helpful if your day look is drastically different from your night look.

When you wear a funky pair of glasses occasionally or a performer of heavy makeup or phone doesn’t accept your just woke up face.

So, in the latest operating system, a user can register two distinctly different looks.

In the setting menu, there will be an option to set up a second face as your alternate appearance. Two faces can save as two separate data files on the phone it is not merged.


So, friends, this is the review of the iPhone X hope you all enjoy it.