If you are currently looking for a way to use your android mobile as an iPhone only by installing iOS on android then the results may disappoint you. In the present-day, there is no way possible of doing so.

There is no public evidence of such claims. However, some clickbait expectations are always there to misguide you, but they are also removed by Apple as soon as noticed.

But Why?

Let’s understand this at a deeper level.

• All software like operating systems are written in unique coding languages.

• Different operating system uses a different coding language.

• Apple has developed its own coding language called “Swift”.

• This language is exclusive to Apple products only.

• Swift is the reason why iOS works in them a certain way it does.

• Android cannot read this language, so it is impossible for android to run iOS. They cannot understand each other.

So, now you might be thinking that it is completely impossible to install iOS on android and the answer to this is always yes. However, you still can enjoy the UI, user interface of Apple on your android by downloading any of the completely free iPhone launchers.

These are the apps you download to install various colorful themes on your phone. Some of them are specifically designed to imitate Apple’s user interface. The best examples are:

  1. OS 13: If you are a fan of the iPhone 11 or iPhone X then this app is at your back. It offers you home screen customization all together with the ease of android’s personalization options. It works best with android versions latest to 4.4.

Is it possible to install an iPhone iOS on an Android phone?

  1. Phone X Launcher: This is the most famous app used for this purpose. This app is specially designed to enhance the flat design of your mobile interface making it look the same as the interface of iOS 11.

Is it possible to install an iPhone iOS on an Android phone?

3. iOS 14: This system is all designed for the love of iOS 13. If you want the same interface as the latest iPhone then give this a try. iOS 14 also gives you the feature of 3D touch only exclusive to iPhone 13. This is made specially by keeping in mind all the specificities of the iPhone 13.

Is it possible to install an iPhone iOS on an Android phone?

Please note that none of these apps can turn your phone into an iPhone this will just make your home screen look somewhat like Apple.