iPhone 7 is titled as one of the most successful sales of Apple. Back then in 2016, it was the most discussed smartphone and every mobile phone fan was eagerly waiting for it. It surprised the consumers in many ways the biggest shock or surprise depending person to person was the absent audio jack.

But this, not enough for the perfectionist Apple, they want to give their consumers more and more features and want to add value in their lives. So, they found out what annoys most to a mobile user? The answer is their wet handset. We all understand that technology developed with time and earlier not everything was waterproof.

So, they came up with a handset that will work perfectly evenĀ after spending 30 minutes in water at the depth of one meter. And that was iPhone 7 plus waterproof as popularly known as.

The tech giant claimed that their latest model is completely waterproof. However, they cleared it together that the water resistance capacity of the phone will decrease with time and its effect with also wither off.

But this is not the only thing that is new to iPhones, with the launch of iPhone 7 it was the first time when Apple kept the size of their latest model and previous model same.

So, everyone was thinking about how can Apple do not innovate in size or physical features of the phone. The answer to this question was on the back panel of the phone. Yes, the Apple iPhone 7 was not the same, it has a dual-lens camera.

The main improvement in the physical attributes of the iPhone is its camera. This time Apple worked more on its camera improvements. Its lens has 6 elements to feature the functionality of a dual camera. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 28 mm wide-angle lens making it even better.

So, the answer is yes iPhone 7 has the same dimensions as iPhone 6 but it is not compatible with cases of iPhone 6 because of its dual-lens.

Also, as an improvement, it will be shipped to your address with lightening AirPods.