iPhone 9: everything about specs, release and more

Will Apple release an iPhone 9? In this article, you read everything about possible specs, price, release date and what else you can expect from this the iPhone 9.

iPhone 9

Do you want to know everything about the successor of the iPhone 8? On this page, we tell you what is already known about the iPhone 9.

  • Name
  • price
  • Specifications
  • Release date
  • Video

New iPhones always appear in September. This year we can expect new iPhone models that we call the iPhones 2018 for convenience. One of the expected devices is the iPhone 9, as a successor to the iPhone 8. In addition, Apple would also have plans to release these devices:

  • iPhone X 2018: 5.8-inch with OLED screen and dual camera
  • iPhone X Plus: 6.5-inch with OLED display and dual camera
  • iPhone SE 2: 4-inch with LCD screen, single camera

iPhone 9 or iPhone 8s, what is the new name for iPhone?

It is not yet certain that Apple will use the name iPhone 9. Apple could also opt for ‘iPhone’ for short, just as is currently done with the standard model of the iPad. One of the reasons why Apple could skip the name iPhone 9 is because the iPhone X (’10’) is already available and for some people, the name iPhone 9 could then be seen as a step back. This is something Apple probably wants to avoid. Another possibility is that Apple chooses the name iPhone 8s, as has been done in the past. The’s’ indicates that the design has remained the same, but that the device has been significantly improved internally. If Apple drops the numbering, the device will probably be known under the name of iPhone 2018, to distinguish it from any future models that will also be called ‘iPhone’.

iphone 9 plus

iPhone LCD 2018 price

The iPhone 9 will be in the same price range as the successor of the iPhone 8. These are the iPhone 9 prices that we expect:

  • 64GB → 810 euros
  • 256GB → 980 euros

To provide the iPhone 9 with the appearance and design of the iPhone X, Apple could shoot a number of features, such as the OLED screen, Touch ID and the dual camera at the back. At the front is a FaceTime camera for face recognition.

iPhone 9 specs and design

These are the expected specs of the iPhone 9:

  • Super Retina screen
  • Face ID
  • Apple A12 chip
  • USB-C and wireless charging
  • iOS 12
  • 5G preparations

# 1 Super Retina screen

The iPhone 9 is probably equipped with a Super Retina Display. With the announcement of the iPhone X, Apple made it clear that the almost borderless design would become the standard for future devices. It will not surprise you that the device looks pretty much like this, but with an LCD screen instead of OLED. According to rumors, 70% of the sold iPhones in 2018 will be equipped with an LCD screen because these are cheaper and therefore more attractive to a large group of users.

# 2 Face ID

The functions we have seen in the iPhone X will also be available in the iPhones of 2018. That means for the iPhone 9 that there is no home button with Touch ID, but a True Depth camera for face recognition.

# 3 A12 chip

Apple is working hard on a new chip for the iPhone 9 and other devices that will be available this year. Apple releases a new version of this in-house designed chip every year. After the A11 Bionic we can expect the A12, which is expected to be even more economical and according to rumors is made with a 7nm production process instead of the usual 10nm. Every year the A-chips become a bit faster and more energy-efficient. The A11 Bionic was up to 70 percent faster than the A10 Fusion. Samsung and TSMC are the designated parties to start producing these processors, just like previous years.

# 4 USB-C and wireless charging

Will Apple switch to a USB-C charger in 2018? The rumors point to that. It would be an 18 Watt USB-C charger that is suitable for fast charging. Until now you had to rely on a 29 Watt USB-C fast charger that costs a few bucks. The standard supply of a wireless charger will probably be too pricey.

# 5 provided with iOS 12

One thing we know for sure: the iPhone 9 runs on the latest iOS version, namely iOS 12. This applies to all 2018 iPhones. During WWDC 2018, Apple has already unveiled a number of important features for iOS 12, including Screen Time, Siri Shortcuts and improved Do Not Disturb and Notifications.

# 6 Preparations for 5G

The first 5G networks are coming. With the iPhone 9, Apple will probably make the first preparations with pre-5G modem chips that are faster than before but do not yet offer the full 5G technology. Apple works with Intel for these 5G chips. Qualcomm could also be called in.

iPhone 9 release date

Apple is known for new iPhones always in September. That makes predicting the iPhone 9 release date a lot easier than with other manufacturers. We, therefore, expect that we will see the announcement in early September 2018. The most obvious date for this is Wednesday 12 September. Tuesday 11 September is due to the commemoration of 9/11 and an announcement on other days of the week is highly unusual. In recent years, Apple has announced new iPhones three times on a Tuesday and three times on a Wednesday, between the 7th and the 12th of the month.

New devices are usually available on a Friday mid-September. This year is Friday 21 September the most obvious. The Austria and Belgium have been in the first group of countries in recent years

IOS 12

Apple has announced iOS 12 and in this overview, you can read which new features you will soon be able to try on your iPhone and iPad. We tell you everything about availability, downloading, innovations and what else you need to know.

IOS 12 in short

  • IOS 12 was announced on June 4 during WWDC 2018.
  • IOS 12 Final download will be available around September 2018.
  • IOS 12 beta now also available for public beta testers.
  • Emphasis is on performance and more control for users.
  • Contains improved notifications and Do Not Disturb.
  • Emoji, new Animoji, and nice camera effects.
  • FaceTime with groups up to 32 people.

IOS 12 date and release: when iOS 12?

Apple announced iOS 12 during the WWDC 2018, where Craig Federighi discussed the different functions. The final version iOS 12 will appear in the course of September. First, there will be several iOS 12 betas appear. The iOS 12 Public beta is now available. If you want to install the public beta’s, you must first register for it


Which iPhones get iOS 12?

IOS 12 can be installed on all devices that are already suitable for iOS 11. So nothing falls off. It means that the iPhone 5s also gets an update. These are all suitable iPhone models :

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s

Which iPads are suitable for iOS 12?

iOS 12 will be installed on the following iPad models :

  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • 9.7-inch iPad (2017 model and 2018 model)
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4
  • iPod touch 6th generation

IOS 12 download

The iOS 12 final will appear in the course of September 2018. First, several iOS 12 betas will appear. In a separate article, you can read what you need to do if you want to download the iOS 12 beta. The iOS 12 Public beta is now available. If you want to install the public beta, you first have to register for it.