Emulators are software that allows your device’s operating system to imitate other operating systems. One of the most famous emulators is Bluestacks that converts your Windows PC into an android device. But did you ever wonder if there an iOS emulator for Windows similar to Bluestacks for Android?

The answer to this NO. No app or software can make your device an iOS system.

Apple is very possessive about its creation, especially its operating system whose all copyrights are held by Apple itself. There is no way to imitate it as Apple uses its particular coding language, which cannot be transcribed by any other operating system.

However, some apps and websites allow you to test your apps on iOS. You have to keep this in mind that emulators are made for developers so that they can test their apps on the various platforms at ease. Therefore, I am listing here the first emulator solely dedicated to its original aim.

1.           Appetize.io: The web-browser based online platform where you can embed your websites and apps in a stimulated iOS. The software allows you 100 minutes of free streaming to decide whether you want to buy the plan or not.

2.           Ripples: Best part first so, it is entirely free. You do not have to spend a single penny after 100 minutes or days. Also, it is a chrome extension that allows you to sync different devices together to test an app or website.

3.           Smartface: This one is my favourite because it allows to iOS development on cross-platform solutions. It is the only cross-platform system that will enable you to develop iOS apps on Windows or Linux.

smartface ios emulator

Some Important Features You Need To Know About Smartface

• It gives access to cross-platform app development in just one single click.  

• To use it to its full functionality you have to download it once from the iOS app store and then sync it with your windows pc.

• It can emulate both Android and iOS.

• To use Smartface as android change the SDK path of your project as Android.

These are the best options according to me, easy to use and working emulators best for app and website developers.