Internet and social media have affected the lives of everyone in all way possible. With more and more popularity of social media apps, people started to become more and more conscious about their looks their appearance and their gadgets. Smart devices with the latest technology are more of social status. Therefore, everyone wants a phone with the latest operating system.

This is the reason all smartphone brands available in the market provide free software updates to their consumers. If you are wondering what is a software update? So, the answer is it is the latest versions of the operating system that a phone manufacturer provides you in free in order to keep them engaged by their product. But it does not mean that you can update any handset with any operating system. For example, if you think of updating iPhone 4 to iOS 10 than it is a bad idea.

Because just like every second thing on the planet this feature also comes with a limitation. And here is the technology itself a hurdle in this process.

Why? So here is the very basic idea behind this concept, software updates depend on the hardware of your device. Your handset will only get the software update which can easily run in its hardware because it depends on multiple factors like device’s RAM and processors of the phone. So, when an update comes which cannot be supported by your device it stops to receive updates.

That’s why the iPhone 4 cannot be updated to iOS 10. Its central processing unit is not capable to run iOS  10. The last update is received was on 22 July 2019 for iOS 9. The iPhone 4 has 800 MHz dual-core processor and iOS 10 runs with a 32-bit processor. So, you can estimate the difference by yourself.

Is there any way to update iPhone 4s to iOS 10? did you get the answer if so then see the other related articles for further information!