Is Your iOS 11 Battery Draining Fast? This Is How You Can Extend Your Battery Life.

People are enjoying with awesome features in Apple iOS 11. But at the same time, they are also disappointed with the important factors, which is speed, freezing of apps and the battery life. Those who are using the updated iOS 11 in their iPhone noticed that their battery life in the iPhone has been running fast. Updating the new version to your iPhones usually leads to battery drain. It is disappointing to the users who use the updated version of iOS 11.

Now let us consider some potential solutions which help to the remedy of battery drain.

1. When updated to iOS 11, show patience

When you updated iOS 11 and observing that your battery is draining down, then it is good to wait for one or two days after updating. The reason to wait is, it takes many system maintenance tasks which include indexing of spotlight, indexing photos, photo facial recognition scans, and other background system tasks. After updating iOS version leave your iPhone plugged in for a long period of time. It is the best thing to do when you are sleeping. The system tasks should complete by themselves and battery life should improve on its own, so continue doing this for some nights.

2. Observe which apps are wasting battery life

Use battery setting to know which apps are draining your battery. The apps which consume heavy battery are social media, games, location-based and media apps. Sometimes only a single app uses a large amount of battery. So it’s better that you take an action as soon as possible. If you observe that any app is draining the battery then if you are not using that app or not interested in that app just quit those apps or uninstall them. To do this, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Usage.

3. Hard reboot

Doing hard rebooting to the iPhone or iPad which you are using also improves your battery life. It is very simple. It is the process which you have to do only for iOS devices. To do this just hold down together the power button and home button until you see the apple logo on the screen. Click on that logo to reboot the device.

It’s different in the case when you are using iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus. Then hold down the power button and the volume down button until you see the Apple logo. Click on that logo to reboot the device.

4. Disable raise to wake

This feature detects the iPhone display when it moves from a stationary flat position to one where it potentially be used. By turning off this feature will give you some more percentage of battery. To do this go to Settings>Display & Brightness>Raise to Wake> toggle off. If you didn’t off this, it will be a problem when you especially take your iPhone for walking, with swinging in your hand continually turning on will drain your battery life. So it’s better to turn off to save the battery life.

5. Reduce the widgets on lock screen

Widgets are good and comfortable to see the important information such as weather, calendar events for the day on the lock screen itself. Remember these all widgets consume power to keep the information up to date. So it is better to consider this before your battery drains. Remove the widgets which you don’t need. To do this scroll to the bottom of widgets page and tap edit. Unlock your phone to make changes. Now you can add or remove widgets. In case of removing widgets tap on red circle next to widget name. Then you will observe delete button. Tap delete, then tap done.

6. Leave your iPhone facing down

If there are lots of notifications then it will lead to decrease in the battery. So when you check the notifications each time you get that will drain the battery. In order to avoid this leave your iPhone face down on your desk or side table. Or you can disable notifications for apps which you find unnecessary.

7. Disable background app refresh

The use of background app refresh is, it updates the app which you are not using much. This is good but at the same time, this also consumes battery. To turn off this background app refresh, go to Settings> General> Background app refresh> toggle off. Especially one app that is social media apps are the biggest strain on your battery, so it is better to turn off background app refresh.

8. Turn down screen brightness

Brighter screen looks good to see, but it impacts on battery and drains your battery. Screens usually need less light in dark and more light when its bright outside. The more you reduce the screen brightness the much battery life you will be having. To do this go to Settings> Display> Brightness> adjust the slider to a low position. Some might think to enable Auto-brightness will be very useful, but remember when you are under a bright light for example under sunny place this will automatically adjust and increase the brightness and leads to faster battery drain.

9. Use low power mode

Low power mode increases the battery life so many people like to run this all time. It helps to save energy and also promote long battery life. Low power mode automatically reduces and disables the features which consume longer battery life, such as automatic mail checking, disables background activity, reduces screen brightness, background app refresh and also gives hit with 20% mark of your iPhone battery. Go to Settings> Battery> Low Power Mode> Toggle to ON.

10. Turn off 4G

Nowadays many mobiles consist 4G networks. It uses more power than 3G networks. Disabling 4G on your iPhone will save power. At that time if you need internet and if your phone allows 3G network then use 3G to save your battery. To disable battery go to Settings> cellular> cellular dataoptions>enable 4G and select “off”.

11. Downgrade from iOS 11

Since following all the above tricks and still if you find your battery drains down then downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3.

Hope this article serves you best and helps in saving your battery life.