With macOS 11 big Sur, Apple refreshes Mac’s consumer interface. The adjustments are not dramatic, so don’t fear you can use your Mac as the previous one.

The adjustments give the Mac an extra trendy view and now have led to the hypothesis that Apple is making for the subsequent section of consumer entry, like a Mac touchscreen.

If you are asking what big Sur seems to be like earlier than putting in it, we present have a peek proper right here. If possible, you can put together yourself earlier than you dive in.

Table of contents

  •         Extra space
  •         Menu bar gadgets
  •         Management heart
  •         Notifications heart and widgets
  •         New doc icons
  •         Different adjustments
  •         Sounds
  •         macOS big Sur top 5 features.


Extra space

When you start your Mac and log in, the finder view to be just identical. The adjustments are sensitive. For instance, they spread the menu bar icons out, with each icon has a small bit more room. It makes it easy to identify the icon you want.

Tap on the menu, and also you notice that the listed gadgets have more room or space.

Menu bar gadgets

Apple’s menu bar items have additionally redesigned. For example, the Wi-Fi menu bar reorganized. At present your most popular networks for a space listed, and the rest of the accessible space networks are in another network section.

If you have third-party gadgets in the menu bar, they need to seem like they did previously. It will be up to the developers if they need to redesign their UI.

Management heart or control center

Apple has taken the management of heart or control center from iOS and made a Mac model. Its icon views within the menu bar, and also get quick entry to controls such as network, show brightness, and volume. It is customizable, so you may add the controls you like.

If your menu bar is getting rushed, you can use a management heart or control center to take a few items off the bar. For example, you can use a management heart for your sound volume, after which take away the volume control menu item. Also, you may click on and drag management gadgets and place them in the menu bar for quick access.

Notification heart and widgets

When you tap on the date in the menu bar, the revamped notification heart which combines your notifications and widgets seems on the display.

So, to add a widget, tap on the Edit Widgets button at the bottom. Notification heart will expand to point out a list of widgets. Some widgets are available in small, medium, and enormous sizes. Tap on the S, M or L buttons to preview each widget dimension. Mouse over the widget itself and a + button appears on the higher left. Click that button to add it to the notification heart. You can then tap on and drag the widget in the notification heart to the location you prefer.

New dock icons

Apple has changed up the look of the dock, as properly. Icons of Apple apps have more of an iOS look, and the doc has circled corners. You continue to have the same options for the place of the Dock, turning hiding and magnification on/off and to attenuate the Dock using both the genie or scale effect.

Different adjustments

You will notice different adjustments with dialog boxes, sidebars, finder home windows, and extra inside macOS big Sur. For example, some buttons in home windows disappear while you move the cursor away from the area they are located. Most of the changes are not main and also you will able to navigate your Mac just as before.


Long back Mac users will keep in mind that the Mac used to “chime” when you powered it up. The chime is again by default in macOS 11 big Sur. We have a separate article that covers the chime, and we additionally tell you how you can disable it if you have a silent boot process.

The system sounds have updated so they are “extra pleasing to the ear,” according to Apple. They are the latest takes on the old versions, so they will be familiar.

macOS Big Sur top 5 features

In this article they list the features that Apple highlighted during its WWDC20 keynote presentation:

On Monday at WWDC20, Apple took the wraps off macOS big Sur, the next versions of the Macintosh operating system.

Big Sur will change macOS 10.15 Catalina after this failure.

Big Sur or Large Sur is a major upgrade with various features that users can take advantage of. Apple during its keynote presentation highlighted some features here, are they. We will follow up with extra details on these features as it reveals them.

Refined user interface




Mac catalyst

Refined user interface

With the existence of iOS, the inconsistencies between desktop operating systems and Apple’s mobile are notable. macOS looks a little dated compared to iOS. With large Sur, Apple finally addresses the macOS UI, applying the first major change since the release of Mac OS X.

Alan Dye said, “Depth shading and translucency is used to make a hierarchy,” VP human interface during the WWDC20 keynote. “these latest materials are rich, and they are vibrant.”

Apple has reworked icons. So, they more closely resemble iOS icons and still maintain their ‘Mac personality’ as Apple puts it. The Dock which importantly displays app icons displayed to float on the screen.

In apps toolbars and sidebars look cleaner, and if they are not in use, the buttons will disappear.

By updating the menu bar through Apple, it is even more useful for Mac users.

It is translucent, and menus have a clear look. Apple added the control center to the menu bar, it works like the control center in iOS.

It provides access to more system controls such as network connectivity, show brightness, sound volume, music controls, and more.

In Big Sur, the notification menu bar icon gone. By clicking time in the menu bar notification center accessed, and to get more information you can click on notifications and widgets in the center. Big Sur also has a gallery that shows all the widgets you can join [it includes third-party widgets] to the notification center.


Messages on the Mac has to draw backed or lagged the iOS version in its feature set. Apple change that in Big Sur, having used Mac Catalyst to convert the iOS version of messages to a version that runs on the Mac.

For sharing photos and videos, Mac messages now have improved search and a redesigned photo picker. It also had Memoji support, group enhancements, and pinned conversations.


Apple tells that Safari in Large Sur has been optimized so that it is even faster than before. The company tells that the latest Safari is up to 50 percent faster than Google Chrome. Other latest features include:

·        A latest privacy toolbar button that can show web trackers and also show a full privacy report

·        In-built translation tools

·        More customizations to the start page

·        For extensions and time-based extensions control there is robust support

·        Redesigned tabs


Apple hopes the developments to maps will make it extra useful for planning trips on the Mac. Apple says that the latest version of Maps begins with the iOS version, which converted using Mac Catalyst. The latest features include:

·        It can save locations as favorites

·        It guides for places you want to visit

·        Indoor maps

·        See around, which seems eye-level photography of a location

·        It can watch a person’s commute

Mac catalyst

They introduced it the previous year, to bring their iOS apps to the Mac developers use the Catalyst. Apple says that Catalyst has updated. So, that app can take advantage of the Mac display’s native resolution. The developers will also have access to a new menu and keyboard APIs.