A beautiful invention iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are officially on sale. Many people are waiting for Apple’s OLED. But just because the iPhone X is coming later there is no need to ignore iPhone 8. Interestingly, Apple’s brand new flagship smartphone shares some same technical power which is found inside the iPhone X. So you definitely enjoy with iPhone 8, consider the best new features of iPhone 8.

Though iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 look very similar, iPhone 8 is pre-significant operated and upgraded. At the end of knowing features, you will definitely agree that this is an awesome update.

15 Great iPhone 8 Features:
1. Glass back
One of the obvious physical change to the iPhone 8 when compared to iPhone 7, now of course glass backs are nothing new to the Apple, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, both has glass backs. Honestly, there were some iPhones that were fast designed as concerned. The iPhone 8 is basically the same design as iPhone 6, but the additions of this glass back mixed seem a little more modern.

2. New Glassy gold color
Though there are several finishes for the iPhone 8, most will agree the standoff finish for this generation is the new gold finish. It’s not as gaudy as old gold and it’s not as pink as rose gold. It is more refined, gives classy caramel look that slightly changes color based on ambient lighting.

3. Durability
The Apple does say that this is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.The fact is they worked with glass-supplier coning to come up with a solution that can withstand to abuse. iPhone 8 glass is more durable than the gorilla glass 5 products which are been used for top smartphones.

4. A11 Bionic Processor
Apple A11 Bionic Processor truly lives up to its name. You can look at the image and notice the difference between iPhone 7 plus on the left and iPhone 8 plus on the right. Look at the multi-core scores, this is the iPhone 8 runs circles around most Android phones and is seen competing with some of Intel’s mid-range consumer Core-series processors. It features a performance controller which is able to use all the six cores concurrently. When we compare it with A10 fusion it delivers higher performance.

5.True Tone Display
People are very crazy of True Tone Display in iPad Pros. And now for the first time, the True Tone Display is also available in iPhone 8. This is a great feature which automatically adjusts to the color temperature of the screen to the ambient lighting of your environment.

6.Loudspeakers than ever
The iPhone 8 get 25% louder speakers with a better low in response. After doing a side-by-side comparison you will definitely agree with this. You will notice overall louder volume and subtle.


7.Apple-designed GPU
Apple for the very first time with the iPhone 8 designed its own in-house GPU. This is 30% faster than A10 and most power conscience to boost. This is coupled with the new metal 2 API which is found in iOS 11, lends near direct access to the GPU.

8.Quad LED True Tone Flash with Slow Sync
The Quad-LED flash is now equipped with slow sync. This is a technology combining with a slow shutter speed with a short strobe pulse. When using the flash in iPhone 8 the Slow Sync affords a brighter foreground while providing a properly exposed background. Compared to iPhone 7 the photos in iPhone 8 will be more natural even in less than ideal lighting conditions.

9. Reduced shutter lag and haptic feedback
The A11 Bionic’s new image signal processor improves the performance of the cameras in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Only in iPhone 8, you will notice a haptic feedback, whenever you press the shutter button in the camera app. This is the new feature you will find on iPhone 8 only. A snappier shutter increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to snag more photos in iPhone 8 compared to iPhone 7 in the same span of time.
There is a message when pressing the shutter button which leads users with a sensory confirmation that the shutter was pressed successfully. It gives a complete feeling of the photo-taking experience.

10. 240 FPS Slo-mo in 1080p
Apple does it stop with 4K at 60 frames per second, along with this there is 240 FPS Slo-mo in 1080. The new mobile iPhone 8 supports a slow motion with the high frame rate at HD resolution. It means that instead of 120 frames per second maximum, users now get an even silkier 240 frames per second without compromising on resolution. It is simply smooth and many people like this.

11.4K 24 and 60 frames per second video
The iPhone 8 is arrogantly one of the best videos camera apps that you can buy right now because in this smartphone 4K video capture at 60 frames per second is possible. Previously the users had to purchase a third-party app like Filmic Pro to shoot video at 24 frames per second. But now Apple for the first time is supporting 24 fps at 4K on the iPhone8.
Another noticing point is most high-end standalone video cameras cannot give 4K video capture at 60 frames but this smartphone does it.

12.Wireless charging
The wireless charging is something that has been coming for the iPhone and its finally here. Apple is the first time jumping on the wireless charging bandwagon, with the iPhone 8’s glass back making it all possible. Apple is recommending two of the most Qi-enabled chargers: Belkin’s Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad, and Mophie’s Wireless Charging Base.


13. Portrait Lighting BETA
For the iPhone 8plus Apple has enhanced the shallow depth of field Portrait Mode that is first appeared with iPhone 7plus. Now you get dynamic studio light effects using one of five different lighting styles and Apple is calling this as Portrait Lightning. The excellent thing about Portrait Lighting is its non-destructive effect. So you can change or remove it altogether later.

14. Enhanced OIS
The optical image stabilization in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus was previously very great. When we check it with other versions we can find out that it provides an upgraded camera hardware with an improved Optical Image Stabilization for the main wide-angle lens. It also gives better light and crispy clear photo.

15. Fast charging
Then lastly there is support for fast charging. If you purchase Apple 25w adapter along with USB-C lightning cable you will notice that iPhone 8 supports faster-charging speeds.

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