What is Apple Pay ?

Apple Pay was first introduced in 2014 and ever since then it is expanding in many countries. Apple Pay is the dominant mobile payments solution allowing the users to use continually in their iPhone to pay for purchases including retail stores, apps and the web. It works in retail stores just by simply holding your iPhone over a compatible checkout terminal and identifying the purchase through Touch ID.

How it is used

Coming to apps, it is not necessary to enter manually your card information every time you want to purchase, rather in apps Apple Pay works by pulling your card information and seamlessly allowing you to check out using your card data. Apple Pay in apps not only works in iPhone but also iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4.

In addition to this, Apple Pay not only works with debit and credit cards but also applicable for reward cards and store cards such as Starbucks card,  Walgreens balance rewards cards and much more. It enables the wallet app to keep track of everything.

As a new update, Apple now shared latest highlight tips and tricks for setting up Apple Pay and the process of setting up a card and subsequently paying in-store using your iPhone.

How to Add a card to Apple Pay

Adding a debit or credit card to Apple Pay on your iPhone is simple.

Now we are going to consider the process of adding a card to Apple Pay on your iPhone. We will observe the process with step-by-step with instructions and examples.

Following are the steps to adding a card to Apple Pay on your iPhone:

  1. Open the wallet app
  2. Click on tap the plus (+) icon
  3. Scan the card
  4. Follow the bank instructions

Then finally it is done. Your card is in the Wallet App.

How to Pay In stores using Touch ID – Apple Pay

The second thing, AppleiTunes want to help you through paying with Apple Pay in a store. Watch for NFC or Apple Pay logos then activate Apple Pay on your device and use Touch ID authenticate for the purchase. Just touch the Home button and hold the top of your iPhone near the reader.

Following are the steps to pay in stores using touch ID- Apple Pay

  1. Look for symbol of Apple Pay
  2. Rest your finger on Touch
  3. Hold top of iPhone near reader screen

Finally, you got it.

Conclusion :

First, you have to open the wallet app, scan your card with the camera, and then follow the bank’s instructions. It is easy to use Touch ID and Apple Pay to pay securely in millions of stores.