Before Apple allowed the users to change their Apple ID from only one third-party provider to another. For example, if your Apple ID is associated with a Yahoo email address you can only shift to a Gmail address and Gmail address to Yahoo vice versa. There is no chance to go from Gmail/Yahoo to

But now Apple has made a significant change in the process of Apple ID working. It has updated regarding changing of the email address associated with your Apple ID. Now you can change your Apple ID from your previous third-party email service such as Gmail, Yahoo to an Apple domain.

Apple has now made users to makeshift that is, if your Apple ID is now associated with a Gmail or Yahoo email address, now you can switch to,, or account.

In addition to this Apple is also giving the necessary steps to make the switch. So let’s drive to see how the users can switch from the third-party email to Apple’s domain.

In order to make the switch follow the steps below:

To change your email address which is associated with your account at first you should sign out of every Apple service and devise which uses your Apple ID.
Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Step 1. Go to SETTINGS> tap on YOUR NAME
Step 2. Next tap on NAME, PHONE NUMBERS, EMAIL.
Step 3. Then enter your password. After that tap on EDIT button
Step 4. Now delete your current Apple ID and tap on CONTINUE.
Step 5. In this step enter the Apple ID which you would like to use and then tap on NEXT
Now you had successfully switched to Apple domain.

For making these changes in your computer follow the steps below:
Step 1. Open the internet browser and go to and log in your account
Step 2. Click on EDIT which is located under account
Step 3. Next click on CHANGE APPLE ID
Step 4. Now enter the Apple ID which you would like to use
Step 5. Finally, click on CONTINUE

If you have a Gmail or Yahoo account which is associated with your Apple account now by following the steps which are shown above, can change to Apple domain.

Important point:

But there is a notable point from the Apple to remember. Once you change your Apple ID from a third-party email address and opt to use an apple domain you cannot revert the change, which means you cannot change back. You are now stuck with the new domain.

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