iPhone x silver or space grey

Now we are comparing the two colors in the new iPhone X version. So we have the space Gray, and we have the silver one. Internally, they are the same iPhones but externally with this generation, Apple has changed things up a little.

Both of these devices are the same. They have the same internals. So the same processor, the same screen the same camera both in the front and the back, and everything else are the same.

But, it’s on the external that things change up and this year Apple has given us two color options. We have a silver version and a space grey or iPhone x silver or space grey

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    Should I buy an iPhone x silver or space grey?

    So the difference this time is that the iPhones have a glass back and the color can be seen underneath that. So if you start with the space grey you can see that it’s more black than it is grey.

    But in direct sunlight, you’ll notice kind of a hue of grayish color underneath the glass. for the most part. This is going to look black in normal lighting. 


    iphone x silver or space grey

    iPhone x silver or space grey

    Now iPhone x silver or space grey, this is different is this year Apple has got a stainless steel band and on the space grey vision, they’ve coated this with PVD. PVD is a treatment for stainless steel that allows a color to be added to the stainless steel. And in this version, it looks like an old blacked-out iPhone which many people think looks cool.

    But, there is something to note. That once you dent or a ding a PVD coated stainless steel thing then it’s very very difficult to sort of cover-up. Now on the silver version, you can see that you’ve got white on the back and the front this time around there is no White bezel.

    The iPhone X doesn’t have a bezel in a traditional sense it does have a very faint line. But on the silver version, Apple has decided to go with a complete black.

    Well, if you scratch this you’re less likely to see the scratches when you compare it with the space grey PVD coating. But in sunlight, you will notice the scratches. Now in terms of you know finish I think you know it doesn’t matter what color you go for it’s a personal preference.

    It seems to be the silver is more popular this year than space great Grey perhaps the space grey is harder to get hold of. But for both of these devices, there is very little in terms of difference. And I would highly recommend you to put them in a case. Not only because it’s going to cost you a lot of money to repair but also the case will protect the device.

    But, the interesting thing is once both models are in the cases it’s very difficult to tell the difference. The only way is to look at the edge of the camera or the bottom.

    That’s the only way you’ll be able to tell whether you have an iPhone x silver or space grey. I guess in some ways Apple made it easier for people to go with whatever color they want. Because most people are going to cover them up with cases anyway.


    Hope we helped you decide which iPhone x silver or space grey you want to go for.