iPhone 7 was a surprise for mobile phone lovers. When it was launched it came out with many exciting features. Some of them like air pods are revolutionary enough to push the whole industry to copy them.

They also launched a new black color with two variants. It was a festive moment for black color lovers. The two variants are Jet Black and Matte Black. 

Their record-breaking sale of the iPhone 7 also received benefits from the new exclusive colors of the device that were just exclusive to that model.

But it is not the only color offered by Apple. This model of iPhones was launched in four colors. Three colors were usual to Apple they are Silver, Gold, and Rose gold. The most sold color black comes in two variants Jet, Black, and Matte Black.

However, it is really difficult to decide the best iPhone 7 plus color because they are all special in their own way. The choice becomes even more difficult when you have to choose between the two blacks. Go on reading about iPhone 7 plus matte black vs jet black