1. What is CarPlay?
2. CarPlay Features?
3. Which Companies are including CarPlay?
4. What are Best CarPlay Apps?
5. What are iOS 11 Features extended to CarPlay?

Apple’s built-in apps:

• Phone (Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad, Voicemail)
• Music (iTunes Radio including Beats 1, Music library including Apple Music, iTunes Match [iOS 9.3 includes For You and New from Apple Music)
• Maps (Search, POI’s, Navigation [Nearby with iOS 9.3])
• Messages (Create, read, reply over Siri)
• Now Playing (this will show audio content from any iPhone app similar to iOS’s Control Center)
• Podcasts (if you don’t use this app, you can disable it in the Restriction section of the iPhone settings app and it will disappear from CarPlay the next time you connect your iPhone)
• iBooks (with iOS 8.4 for playing audiobooks)

App Store apps: (Coming Soon)

• Acast
• Amazon Audible
• Amazon Music
• Audible
• Audio Books by
• audioBoom
• CBS Radio News
• Castro Podcast Player
• Clammer Radio
• Dash Radio
• Deezer Music
• Digital Concert Hall
• Downcast
• Free Audiobooks
• iHeartRadio
• NPR One
• MLB At Bat
• Orange Radio
• Overcast: Podcast Player
• Pandora Radio
• Radio Deejay
• Radio Disney
• Rdio (Update: Pandora acquired and shut down this service)
• Slacker Radio
• Spotify
• Stitcher Radio for Podcasts
• TuneIn Radio
• Umano: Listen to News Articles (Update: Dropbox acquired and shut down this service)

Manufacturing cars take a much longer time than to develop personal each product. When a car is made available is infotainment system is outdated severely by the time is released. Car cycle is much longer when compared to a smartphone which 2-3 years for a mid-cycle refresh and new model for every 4-6 years for mainstream vehicles. Even now this gap has been reduced still the auto makers still can’t update their software, app support and maps and many as quickly as Google and Apple can. CarPlay is that quick solution provided by Apple to let every user feel unique!

1. What is CarPlay?

It is a feature which bridges your iphone device and car dashboard which enables the experience of iphone tools, communication, entertainment, messaging, GPS to the built-in screen. CarPlay is designed to display information from the apple device or from iphone to on a car’s built-in display giving drivers a safe way to send messages to listen to music, make phone calls and Maps. This Car-infotainment can be done via wireless or through iPhone’s lightning port.

Another feature which helps you drive with little driver distraction as possible is Siri voice-based Apple’s personal assistant designed for hands-free operation. Carplay allows you to explore information stored in iphone like messages, music, playlists in apps calendar events, phone calls and more. A music track can be easily changed through Siri. A point to be noted is that there is no onscreen keyboard, most of the messages are voice transcribed one as by dictation.

Physical controls are in the form of knobs and buttons, which vary from car to car few are located on the steering wheel or at any other location. Touch screen enable to take touch based input, few other special adapters can let you enhance for future integrations of CarPlay solutions. iOS gives you a consistent user experience across all its devices so that it will become easier to operate which you are already familiar with. Several third-party apps are also pre-installed or can be done later too.

3. Which Companies are including Carplay?

Nowadays, a lot more after market products are availing these feature and many auto makers are committed to including CarPlay in new cars. Many aftermarket in-dash systems are available from companies like Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and Alpine which are compatible with CarPlay t reasonable prices. Surprisingly many car manufacturers are upgrading their software of old vehicle and the new one is supporting right from the beginning.

4. What are Best CarPlay Apps?

Best Car Play Apps

CarPlay is a great way to keep connect you with your apps on the road. Although Apple has bought many core apps, a select few third-party developers have been able to add to this list too. If any third-party developer wants to add their app to the Carplay list, they have to get a separate approval from apple. Actually using apple app in the car is totally a different ball game and are judged a bit differently from standard apps. As a caution, you won’t desire to distract while driving. Below are the Top third party CarPlay apps.

Apple CarPlay Apps

CarPlay lets you easily drive on with Apple Maps app enabling you detailed turn-by-turn directions, driving instructions, clearly displays the route, traffic conditions, driving instructions, and visual cues for upcoming turns. The most favorite feature is Estimate driving time distance until the destination is reached and estimated time of arrival.

These shows information from Calendar, Mail, and messages also along with Maps draws in location information from apps like Messages, Calendar, and Mail, and it also includes previous searches made on iOS.
Let me say, You has an appointment stored in the Calendar app, Maps will show that info in the CarPlay interface. Interestingly maps also take the Voice commands voice commands through Siri, like restaurant, gas station or specific address. One out of box feature is Map’s gained traffic alerts and alternate routes to save time in traffic-heavy areas.

From CarPlay you can dial calls as it has a keypad where you can punch the numbers on the touchscreen. With the help of phone app, you can ask Siri to dial calls from an existing contact list, return missed calls and even listen to voice mail.


To avoid accidents or any other distraction Siri will help you send messaging options like typing as you speak, dictating the message you said and sending the message to the recipient you want to send to. Ensure the accuracy before sending to a recipient, it will ask if the user wants it to read it aloud. This complete interaction is voice based by your favorite voice-assistant.

Few examples of command “Read message from Sandra,” or “Send a message to Dad,” followed by the message content.
Audiobooks: To enjoy your favorite songs and music while driving your vehicles Audiobooks are included as part of iBook’s app has added to CarPlay Dashboard.

Apple Music:

You can download the music to CarPlay from iTunes, the Apple Music streaming service, and the free Beats 1 radio station. Like other CarPlay apps, you can easily operate the user interference of Music App to play songs, Artist, and Playlists. Here too Siri can play another role and get your task done paying your favorite specific songs or artists on-demand with commands like “Siri, play every living.” Also, you can note that Apple Music is redesigned to make easier to browse and discover the latest music.


Do you have a habit of listening regularly to podcasts then you won’t miss them even you are driving a car. With Podcasts apps, CarPlay users can download, listen similar with their iPhone. You can easily get acquainted with Podcasts in CarPlay too.

Other Apple apps:
Along with above-mentioned apps CarPlay owners can also access the Beats Music apps via their in-dash systems. Both user interfaces are same as with iPhone, all you need is to give access to downloaded podcasts and Beats Music playlists.

We will update the next features soon. Keep reading this space for more information.