“If you lose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or think it might be stolen, these ways might help you find it and protect your information. “

iPhone’s location tracking function has been applied since the 3GS version, especially with the navigation software, LBS applications, no recognition is a self-driving navigation, or to find around the restaurant discount cinema KTV entertainment, even microblogging chat QQ can also Combining geographical location allows you to find more friends around you.

However, in some cases, if you do not want to expose your geographical position, then you really have to learn two strokes. Below I will provide you with ways to prevent the iPhone from being tracked and located. In the iPhone’s settings, not only can the specific application of the positioning service switch operation, but also the entire machine services can be closed. There are the methods of operation, and I will break it down for you.



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1 Find My iPhone App

iPhone In the beginning, people may try to use the Find My iPhone to locate the other party, but this method needs to know the other party’s Apple ID account and password, which is not particularly convenient to operate.

  • After the “find my iPhone” feature, Apple introduced a feature on the iOS 7 system to record frequently visited places. It can automatically record some places we often go. Of course, this function is also required to cooperate with each other, and they can be viewed on the phone.
  • I would like to introduce here is a location sharing function based on the iOS8 system on the Apple mobile phone. With it, as long as you share the location information with the other party, you can view the current location of the other party anywhere.

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  • Of course, before you begin, you first need to have a version on your iPhone that is not lower than iOS8. It can be viewed in [Settings – General – About This Machine].
  • iPhone After everyone’s system version meets the requirements, the next step is to log in to the iCloud service on their Apple iPhone with their own Apple ID. Specifically, you can log in [Settings-iCloud]
  • After the preparations above are completed, you can start sharing location information with each other. You can open location sharing directly in the text message window. For example, here you want to share location information with a person named, and enter the text message dialog window in the message.

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  • Then in the information dialog window, click the [Details] option in the lower right corner.
  • Next, in the contact details list, you can see the “Share my location” option.
  • After clicking, you can choose to share the time you want to share, which can be one hour, one day, or always shared. If you want to know the other person’s position at any time, it can be set as [always share] option on the other person’s iPhone.
  • After sharing the location with the other party, the information already started in the information window will be prompted.
  • After the setting is completed, you only need to open the SMS message window with the other party and click the [Details] option to view the real-time bit.
  • You can see where the other person is and where he is.


2 Method: Modify the Privacy Act. Advantages: fast. Disadvantages: low security, does not support encryption.

Step 1: Open the iPhone and find the “Settings” icon, slam into.

Step 2: In the “Settings” option, find the “Privacy” sub-item, click to enter.

Step 3: Find “Location Services”, the default state is “Open”, click to enter the detailed settings.

Step 4: In the positioning service, the top position is the total shape of the positioning service. Clicking the slider on the right can close the entire positioning service. Below is a list of applications involving location services in the current mobile phone. Blue indicates that the application location service is already open, and the click switch can be used to close or open a single program.

Set the master switch and item switch of the positioning service

Method 3: Modify the access restriction method.

Advantages: Location services can be encrypted and locked. Disadvantages: steps are more troublesome;

iPhone Step 1: In the “Settings” option, find the “General” sub-item, click to enter;


Step 2: In the “General” settings, find “Access restrictions.” By default, this item is closed. Next, we need to turn this option on and click on.

Step 3: Enter “Access Restrictions”, at this time we will see many applications on the main list are gray unavailable. To modify, first, click on the “Enable Access Restrictions” button above.

Step 4: Because of the “access restrictions” permission, it will affect a lot of important settings, so for safety reasons, Apple is forced to set a four-digit password. Press the keypad to enter the password, in order to prevent the next person **, the password on the phone will be unified to point.

Step 5: Enter the four-digit password again to ensure that the password is the same as the one in the previous step and remember it.

Step 6: After the password is set successfully, “Access Restrictions” will be available. At this time, the program items in the main list can be modified. Scroll down the list and find “Location Services” in the privacy options.

Step 7: Enter the location service detailed settings and close the location service button. Pay attention to the difference between Method 1 and Method 1. In addition to the main switch and application switch below, there is an additional lock option at the top, and the user can select either “Allow Changes” or “Not Allow Changes.” When you choose not to allow changes, you enter encryption. Whether it is the setting of the sub-item switch of the master switch or the application, it will be locked, and ordinary users will not be able to modify the location service by using the method of modifying the privacy option.


  1. Use method 2 When setting access password, please remember it after setting, otherwise, you can only recover by restoring the system. 2. If you are worried about the loss of mobile phone, you do not need to completely disable the positioning service. You can open “Find my iPhone” on the list. Access iCloud via computer for mobile phone location tracking.

Switch off iPhone location: That’s the way it works

The GPS module can be deactivated in a few simple steps: Open the “Settings” menu, tap “General” and “Restrictions”. The restrictions are turned off by default in iOS 6. Select the entry and assign a four-digit code. Then select the “Location Services” below under Privacy.

Here you move the switch “Location Services” from the blue to the gray position (deactivation). If you still want to use certain location-based services, you can only grant access to the GPS location to a few programs. Use the switches to the right of the respective entry.