Do you want to know more about Apple chargers? Do you want to buy the third party wireless chargers at less price for your iphone? Then you are in the right direction. This article will point you to find the best and top iPhone 8 chargers & iPhone X.

I. Wireless Chargers

1. Mophie’s charge force product

The morphine charge force power station is Qi-enabled charge force battery. This is the external battery with wireless charging capabilities. The battery consists of 10,000mAh capacity and delivers an additional 48 hours giving you the power to do more. To get the power just simply place your iPhone on this QI-Enabled device and then automatically power is sent to your device. You will get the charge on the spot. There is a button on the back to turn the charging ON or OFF. An extra USB Port is also available so that you can charge any of your wireless devices by placing on the power station and then plug the USB device to get power to the two devices at once.

Morphie is be known for many years as the top mobile power brand worldwide. This is very easy to charge your iPhone at home or at an office or while driving the car without any wireless. Simply touch your mobile with the morphine device, the internal magnets will do their work for a perfect charge every time. There is no need to worry about the cables.

Mophie’s charge force | iphone 8 charger

2. Qi wireless receivers

Qi is the leader in wireless charging. If you are interested in the cheap way to add wireless charging to your smartphones then these Qi wireless chargers are the best. These wireless receivers are like small thin film strips which are placed on the back of your iPhones. They are connected to a small cable which is coming out of the receiver and is plugged to the smartphones into the micro USB Port. The only way to add wireless charging to your phone is through the wireless receiver strip.

 Qi wireless charger receivers iphone

3. Anker PowerPort Wireless Charging Pad

Anker powerport wireless charging pad is a simple and is a cheap way to charge your iPhone. Since it is quick, inexpensive and also easily be placed wherever in the home. This is also very famous for its high-quality, reasonable price.

Anker PowerPort Wireless Charging Pad

II. Top charger options for iPhone 8 and iPhone X – With Wire

Apple claims that you can charge 50% in 30 minutes to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. But the two will cost more than $70 dollars. However, in order to get a fast charge to your iPhone, you have to spend extra money for buying the necessary chargers and also cables.

To get fast charging you have to buy Apple’s USB-C adapter or specific supported third party chargers. Apple USB-C lightning cable or a third-party is also needed.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X both support for the fast charging through Apple’s 29W USB-C adapter and USB-C lightning cable. As we discussed in the above these fast charging devices will charge your iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes.

One point to remember the cost of 29W USB-C adapter is high but this 29W USB-C adapter and 1- meter USB-C lightning cable helps in fast charging than a 12W adapter and a regular USB lightning cable.

What is the best way to charge your iPhone 8 fast? Could it possibly include a third-party charger? Let’s check it out.

The third-party power adapters with proper USB Power Delivery such as Anker’s 30W PowerPort, Aukey’s 29W Amp Duo USB Wall Charger will work well. In fact, these can save your money, which means you can get these two adapters at fewer prices than buying a single Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter.

Now let us consider these USB-C Lightning Cable – Apple 29W USB-C Adapter, Anker 30W PowerPort and Aukey’s 29W Amp Duo USB Wall Charger.

Apple 29W USB-C Adapter

As we know the Apple includes the 5W adapter with the iPhone. But this little adapter is super slow. Thankfully there are other options like the 12W adapter and the 29W adapter. The 29W adapter is very faster than the 5W and the 12W adapter. If you want the fast charge to your iPhone then Apple says to use 12W adapter by connecting the USB lightning cable to it.

Apple 29W USB-C Adapter

By testing the iPhone 8 USB power adapter charging speed it is noticed that
As per a source, 5W adapter gives 12% in 15 minutes. The 12W gives 23% in 15 minutes and the 29W gives 28% in 15 minutes. For 30 minutes 27% for 5W, 46% for 12W and 56% for the fast charger 29W USB-C adapter. So this test give tells the speed of 29W adapter and at the same time, it is good to avoid the 5W adapter if you can do it.

Apple 29W USB-C adapter gives fast charging if your looking for the safe option and doesn’t bother about the price then it is the best way to walk through the Apple 29W USB-C adapter. This is the Apple product which is available in Apple store. It has a white shell with its matching color USB-C lightning cable.

Third Party Power Adapters

1. Anker 30W PowerPort

Anker 30W PowerPortSince the cost of both Apple 29W adapter and also the USB-C lightning cable is too high many people wanted to choose the third-party chargers. One of the third-party chargers is Anker 30W PowerPort. This is less than half the cost of Apple 29W adapter. This is designed to function just like Apple 29W adapter and is in rectangular in shape with rectangular plug consisting of a single USB-C port to attach the Apple’s USB-C lightning cable but is different in color and textured surface. There is Anker logo present at the top showing the light when connected to the power.

2. Aukey’s 29W Amp Duo USB Wall Charger

Aukey’s 29W Amp Duo USB Wall Charger

Now another alternative third-party charger is Aukey’s 29W Amp Duo USB Wall Charger. It also costs less than half of Apple 29W adapter. The performance is pretty much smarter. You will notice there are two 12W adapters to both ends of the cap. It is the most unique than all the mentioned above.

Compared to Apple’s or Anker’s this is more flexible and an adaptable charger. There is no LED light showing. This is also designed in a rectangle shape with a rectangular plug. When you remove the front panel you will observe the USB-C port which helps in fast charging by connecting Apple’s USB-C lightning cable into it.

Final Word: 

So now let us see how these third-party adapters actually stack up. As per an experiment, both the Aukey and Anker adapters get 29% charge after 15 minutes compared to Apple 29W adapter. After 30 minutes both Aukey and Anker adapters get about 55% of charge.

In fact, by observing all the above things it is good to go on with third-party chargers for getting the fast charging with a low-cost price.