Face ID

Face ID is a biometric authentication facial recognition system introduced on September 12, 2017. It is designed by Apple and added in iPhone X.

Facial ID is the more efficient alternative or replacement of Touch ID. It is designed to unlock iPhone X and other users to make purchases in different Apple digital media stores.

Face ID creates a precise depth of the users face by projecting and analyzing more than 30,000 invisible dots. It helps to identify the unique facial characteristics to unlock the iPhone X.  It acts like security to the user’s phone. Face ID not only helps in unlocking the screen but also helps in Apple Pay, App Store, and iTunes purchases.

How to setup FaceID

It is a very simple and easy process to set up Face ID. The only thing you have to do is

Now the iPhone will use the front camera to display the users face within the circle giving green tick marks surrounding it. The enrollment software will overlay the 3D markings on the screen to show facial center and eye line. While your facial characteristics are capturing by the phone then move your head in the circle.

Touch ID

Touch ID is nothing but is a fingerprint reader on iPhone. It helps the users to get on the iPhone screen very quickly. By using Touch ID users can also authorize transactions without entering the passcode.

Users can also purchase apps, other Apple digital media stores and other digital contentment within iTunes.

Comparing Face ID and Touch ID

There is an important difference Face ID on the iPhone X and Touch ID. If we compare both Face ID is a quick and secure devise authentication. While coming to the technical speed Touch ID is faster.

Facial recognition does not care about wet fingers or wet gloves and the fingerprint recognition does not worry about wearing a ski mask. When the test is conducted on the time taken to go from locked devised to an unlocked device comparing the Face ID and Touch ID, Touch ID is more speed than Face ID.

To get into the home screen in iPhone X through Face ID it took 1.8 seconds, whereas in iPhone 7 plus to get into the home screen through Touch ID it took 0.91 seconds. In order to protect the information maintaining security is very important for all of us.

For example, you may have some selfie photos of yours and you don’t want others to see those, at that time, keeping Face ID will be very helpful to you.

Face ID also has an excellent option that is “open eyes facing screen”. So if you allow this option you need not get worried about someone unlocking your phone with your face in your sleep.

Final Words:

Even though Face ID will take a little bit seconds of time to unlock iPhone, this is more efficient and useful in day to day life.
Since Apple Touch is very easy to gain access to a device by using your fingerprints left on other surfaces, Touch ID by itself is not a security feature.  But fingerprints are mere secure than weak passwords Apple Touch ID is still useful.