There are several problems issued with the Apple Watch Series 3 mainly regarding the LTE connectivity issues. The company Apple is trying to rectify their problems with an OS update. On October 4, 2017, Apple released a new update for watchOS 4.

According to a source, it is revealed that Apple watch is taking more time to find LTE connection when you have gone away from your watch. Though it is reasonable to take few minutes, however sometimes it is not even working at all or takes more time.
Another issue is instead of connecting to the phone, it is getting connected to some unauthenticated public Wi-Fi networks.
To solve this bug, Apple now has issued an update watchOS 4.0.1.

The release notes of Apple are up to the point. They said that there are some rare cases where the apple watch is joining the Wi-Fi of captive networks such as hotels and coffee shops. In those places, the user is directed to a web page or some other before the network is accessed.

It took time for the company to find out the bug and soon they identified the software bug. Then they revealed that it wasn’t that serious to replace the watch.

If you have Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity, don’t get worried. Just go to the watch app on your iPhone and Tap ‘General’ then ‘Software Update’ to download the update. Later install the watchOS update which will usually take a bit longer, so have your charger ON to continue without interruption.

Do you know what Apple is going to release next?
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