The best iPhone apps for your Study

The iPhone can be your study planner, your grade list, and your reference book. In this article, you will find our selection of the best iPhone apps for high school students.

As soon as the summer holiday comes to an end, it is high time to buy new books, notebooks, and school diaries. Nowadays you also have to take another kind of school material into account: apps! You have to make sure that your iPhone and iPad are filled with useful apps that allow you to keep track of your study schedule and grade list in high school. That’s why we chose the best iPhone apps for school for you.

Practical apps for high school

Tip! This app list is meant for students who are in high school. At the beginning of the list, you will find a number of general apps, to ensure that your homework assignments are as good as possible and do not lose any annotations. Further on we have apps for all kinds of school subjects, such as languages ​​and mathematics.

What are some of the best iPhone X apps for education?1 iStudiez Pro

The iPhone is a great replacement for the paper agenda, but Apple’s own Calendar app drops a few stitches for students. For example, it is difficult to indicate both subjects and homework by category and you cannot link a specific subject to a particular semester. iStudiez Pro contains a school timetable with which you can. When you add an activity you can indicate for which course this is, whether the activity occurs throughout the year and whether it should occur several times in the same school week. But iStudiez Pro is much more than an agenda: it contains a to-do list to keep track of your homework assignments; you can create workgroups, plan projects and keep track of numbers and courses. An alternative is homework

2 Magister

If your school works with Magister, you can use this app to set up your school and consult the information. Teachers can use Magister Maestro. It is also suitable for parents who can select multiple schools with the app. Handy if you have children who are in different schools. There are also other apps that work with Magister, such as the app Schedule

3 Scholica

If your school does not work with Magister but with Scholica, you can go to the official app. With Scholica you stay connected to your school and you can, for example, view your diary and homework at any time. You can also check your figures and averages or download files that belong to your courses. The app also contains more functions, such as notifications from teachers and an overview of attendance and absence. There are still more similar apps such as Zermelo and SOMtoday, but if your school uses such a system, it’s better to go and google yourself in the App Store for a suitable app.

4 Study circle Planner

The Study Circle homework planner can be used by everyone. Enter homework, plan keys and note which grades you have achieved. This app helps you to get even better results at school. You can also see goals in this app, but that only works if you are a member of Studiekring. Without membership, the app is fine to use for planning homework and tests.

5 Google Keep

If you attend a lesson in mathematics, history, geography or a mentoree, the chance is reasonable that you want to make notes with the material you have discussed to make learning a later test easier. Of course, you can do this in a paper script, but whoever is smart digitizes everything so that you never lose any notes. The free and cloud-based Google Keep is a great app to join. You can store everything neatly in separate notebooks per subject and you can save photos, to-do lists, and scribbles for every note you have taken. Already during the scoring, your text is sent to the cloud so that everything is on your PC, Mac and/or iPad can find it. You can also work with fellow students on a note, for example on a task list in which everyone can check whether he has already completed his contribution. Alternatives are Microsoft OneNote and Evernote. Evernote has become less popular due to the restrictions they have set.

6 Good Reader

Good Reader is an app that comes in handy for many people. You can open books and PDFs in this app, mark texts, sign documents and more. But for students with dyslexia GoodReader is extra useful, reports IHB reader Linda. Her children use GoodReader to order books in PDF format at Dedicon. Then they can write the answers in the books.

7 Archimedes Calculator (free, iPhone / iPad + IAP, iOS 7.0+) – This graphing calculator app was created by two former students at TU Delft, who are still working on it after their studies. In this iPhone application, expect everything you want to do on your old, familiar TI-83: ​​from creating graphs to calculating formulas. Archimedes even has a built-in formula library to check on.