Often mistakenly or sometimes willing we sign out of our devices without bothering about the data on the device all thanks to the cloud services we get almost free with all our connectivity-based gadgets.

Cloud services or better-called cloud storage are online centers that help you to manage your data without actually keeping it in your hardware’s storage. Nowadays almost all major mobile phone manufacturers provide their consumers with some certain limit of free cloud storage so that they can freely capture memories or any data without worrying about the storage space.

This system keeps all your data secured and keeps your handset’s storage free. But what if you delete your cloud account from your device. And what happens if you sign out of Apple id from your iPhone?

The answer is nothing happens if you sign out of Apple id. Whenever you try to sign out from your Apple id this message will pop out that you are agreeing to delete all the data from the device.

This may make you conscious at first but when you understand that cloud storage has nothing to do with your handset you will never think twice before switching the yes button to the above message.

You can sign out of your one Apple device and sign in on another Apple device without worrying about data loss. All you need to keep in mind is only sign out of Apple id and not from iCloud.

what happens if i sign out of apple id

Your data is always safe if you are signed in to your cloud account and even if you delete it but remember its password for recovery on another device.

But you cannot use certain services on iPhone if you are signed off iCloud including all shared files either documents, photos, or bookmarks. You can still use services this work with your mobile number like iMessages. did you get the answer to What happens if I sign out of my Apple ID on my iPhone? if no look at the other articles to know more.