Auto call recorder iPhone

Ever wish you could record a conversation you’ve had on the phone with someone but not sure how to go about it.

If so you’re in luck. In this article, we’re going to tell you about three different methods you can use to auto call recorder iPhone or record phone calls on your iPhone.

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    Auto call recorder iPhone

    Method #1: Find an app you can use to record a phone call

    Download an app that will allow you to record your phone call for that

    • Go to the App Store and search for a call recording app. 
    • There are plenty of options for apps both free and paid. So you should be able to find one.

    We would recommend you to check out reviews on various apps that help you decide which call recording app will work best for you. For auto call recorder iPhone Here are a few call recording apps you could consider.

    Popular Call Recording Apps

     1.Tape a call pro. 

    auto call recorder iphone


    • This app has great reviews on the App Store and as well as online.
    • Though it’s $9.99 may sound a little steep it’s still much less expensive than purchasing a high-quality external recording device. 
    • Tape a call pro allows you to record an unlimited amount of incoming and outgoing calls. It also has options to export or share your recordings with Google Drive Facebook Twitter and more.

    2. Call Recorder Plus

    auto call recorder iphone


    • This one also offers the ability to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls. 
    • It is less expensive to download at just $3.99. But it does require in-app purchases based on how much you’d like to record. 
    • You can buy recording credits depending on how many recordings you want to use. 

    3. No-Notes. 

    auto call recorder iphone


    • No notes are an awesome call recording app because not only does it offer the option to record incoming and outgoing calls
    • It can transcribe your call for you as well. The app is for free on the App Store 
    • If you require more recording time you can make in-app purchases to get more time

    4. Call Log Pro.

    auto call recorder iphone


    • This app has fewer features than some of the others we mentioned but it’s free to download and use. You can only record outgoing calls made through the app.
    • You can record up to two minutes of conversation for free and after that, you’ll have to pay for more recording time. Your recordings can be exported if you wish. this are few things you can auto call recorder iPhone.

    Method #2: Record your conversation with a separate/external recording device

    The second method to auto call recorder iPhone. If you don’t want to download any apps to record the phone calls you can use other devices to record your phone.

    There are voice recording devices that plug into your phone’s headphone jack If you are on the speaker you could also use a regular voice recorder or dictaphone rather than one that plugs into your headphone jack.

    They will allow you to record your conversation and save it as an audio file for you to keep


    Method #3: Use your voice mail inbox to record your phone conversation

    if you’d like to record a phone call using tools that are already available, something you could consider is using your voicemail inbox to record a phone conversation. Here’s how. 

    Step 1: Make a call as you normally would.

     Step 2: Tap phone on your home screen and dial the person you’d like to talk to

    auto call recorder iphone

    Step 3: After the person, you’re calling. answers your call be sure to let them know that you’d like to record the rest of your call.

    Step 4: Once they give you their permission tap add a call

    auto call recorder iphone

    Step 5: now dial your phone number to reach your voicemail inbox. After you hear your voicemail greeting play and message recording has begun. 

    Step 6: Tap merge calls to create a conference call between your voicemail and the person you called first. 

    auto call recorder iphone


    Step 7: Continue your call and your conversation will be recorded to your voicemail inbox. After you’ve ended the call you can check your voicemail messages to find a recording of your conversation. 

    This 7 steps will help you to auto call recorder iPhone

    Notes on Recording Phone Calls

    There are a few things we think would be good for you to keep in mind when recording phone calls. So let’s go over those things now. 

    #1.  Before beginning to record a call with someone you should always let them know that you want to record the call. You need to get permission from the other person before recording a phone call with them. In many countries recording a phone call without the person, permission is illegal. So be sure to know the laws in your area. If you’d like to know more. 

    #2.  To get the best quality of recording possible, you should always try to get into a quiet space where there won’t be any background noise interfering with your phone call. Wind air conditioners fans etc. can all cause background noise in a recording. 

    #3.   If you want to keep your conversations private you should ensure that wherever you’re storing your recorded phone calls is secure storage space. If the audio files are saved to your device make sure nobody uses your device without your knowledge.


    Those are all of the methods you can use to record phone calls on your iPhone. We hope one of these methods works out for you.