Do you ever see a power bank? You can have a look at the picture above. Soon you make a glance at it, what go through in your mind. You to want to get a power bank for your smartphone but confused, to choose which brands.

Don’t worry, here is the article for you to make a good choice while selecting best brand for your smartphone.

Before that we all should know a clear view about what is a power bank, about its working features and overall review.

Let us go through each topic.

Batter charger: for every mobile phone needs a device to charge for its battery. Because we can assume a lamp until the energy is there it shines bright once the fuel completed no energy in it to shine. Like that every mobile device needs a charger to add a fuel in it that means to fill energy for reworking.

By forcing an electric current battery charger put energy in to rechargeable battery.

What power bank?

What is the best brands in power banks for smartphones?

The name itself, we can say it, is a bank for saving power.

It can link with a financial bank where we can deposit, store, and withdrawn when necessary.

The above items are portable chargers, without the need to connect the main during charging they can charge items.

We can define it as portable battery to use circuitry for controlling any power in and power out. Or a portable device which supply power from its built-in battery through an USB port.

Especially power banks are famous for charging USB charged devices.

It includes a control circuit that regulates both charging of the battery and a battery of the voltage converts to 5.0 volts for the USB port.

Power banks come in a different shape and sizes it suits many people and their needs.

How power bank charge?

What is the best brands in power banks for smartphones?

When we buy a phone, we would ask unconsciously that how long to charge the mobile for the first time? Same when we buy a power bank, we would ask within ourselves how long to charge power bank for the first time?

Before using any electronic device, you must read the user manual. Though the use of power bank is so simple, but you can’t ignore it because it contains manufacture guidelines.

Through 4 steps you can charge the power bank.

  • Check the LED light that your power bank needs charging.
  • connect the cable to the mini-USB socket.
  • connect the USB end of the cable to a power source.
  • Check the instructions given for an estimate of charging time.

Use the cable that came with the power bank to charge it.

Once the power bank charged that means the four LED lights on it turn in to green so you must disconnect it soon.

Usually this power banks recharge with an USB power supply.

We use it for charging battery-powered devices like mobile phones and other devices that would normally use an USB charger.

With increasing use of battery-powered equipment like headphones, portable speaker, MP3 players, can charge via power bank.

Power bank battery.

What is the best brands in power banks for smartphones?

The power banks use a rechargeable battery based on lithium technology. Most common used batteries for power banks are lithium Ion and lithium polymer but don’t surprise if any other hit the market.

From mobile phones to electric vehicles, the battery technology is key to many new developments.

The two technologies are using have different properties slightly.

Lithium Ion these batteries have a higher energy density that means can store more electrical charge in a size and very in manufacturing but they can have issues with ageing.

Lithium polymer power banks, they don’t suffer from ageing for some extent, so it is the better choice.

But they are very costly for manufacturing, so as a result they may not suit all budgets. Sometimes it is best to spend less, especially if they lost accidently.

Power banks with wireless charging.

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging. Do you know who invented wireless charging? Nikola tesla in late 1800s tesla discovered AC based electricity.

The wireless charger has a coil it uses to transfer energy from charging pad to the device being charged.

Inductively energy is transfer and eliminates the use of connectors, improving reliability because connectors are always susceptible to damage.

These are relatively having a common place but now power banks. Which have used wired connections, now available with a built-in wireless charger?

So, using electromagnetic induction, it provides electricity for portable devices.

When you will buy a power bank, you should also have an idea about the following list.

  • Power capacity.
  • Charging rate.
  • Added convenience.
  • Size and weight.
  • Connectors for conventional charging.
  • Charging the power bank.
  • Cost.

Now wireless charging is widely used to charge smartphones and other devices using wireless technology.

For vehicles, power tools, electric toothbrushes and medical devices this wireless charging is using.

As days pass on the wireless, charging become more popular, so the demand of a wireless charger power bank will rise. Because of this thought they combined both wireless charger within power bank.

Now the users can have additional power when they are away from the main charge.

Power banks brands.

What is the best brands in power banks for smartphones?

Due you knew when the first power bank came into light it was in 2001. A student assembled a few AA batteries and control circuit.

It was in big size and short life span.

In 2004-2006 Huaqi launched a mobile power bank with name “Engine compartment”. With the development of applicable battery, IC, management circuit and related technologies made the power bank more advanced.

In 2006-2009 during this development stage the manufactures entered a field of power banks and the market become more competitive.

The smartphones also entered the market during this time, but the problem was they had low power battery.

Apple also failed to launch strong battery life when launching iPhone with powerful functions. So, the demand for mobile power banks had increased during this stage.

In 2009-2012 in this time the power bank market grew like the wind. Because over 500 new brands became the part of the industry.

Now they are selling like hot cookies.

In 2020 the top most brands available in market given below.

  • Anker Power core 20,100 power bank: huge battery, speedy charging, not the lightest, not compatible with all devices.
  • RAV Power Luster portable charger: cheap, light, relatively low powered, only one port.
  • iMuto 20,000 mah power bank: larger capacity, affordable price, chunky design, very heavy.
  • RAV Power Universal Power Bank Travel Charger: AC output, charge both laptop and phone, big battery capacity, not the cheapest, big and bulky.
  • RAV Power 20,000 mah Power Bank: affordable portable, weighty.
  • Mophie Powerstation Plus XL: integrated lightning cable, two ports, expensive, pointless without iPhone or iPad, great fabric design, not the cheapest.
  • NOVOO Power Bank 22,500mAh: variety of connections, has main port, and look like odd design.
  • AUKEY Power Bank 20,000mAh: 24-month warranty, two USB ports, not the lightest bulky, no quick charging.
  • Omni 20 USB-C Portable Power Bank: charge multiple devices, dual charging option, expensive, weighty.
  • Power add pilot pro2 23,000mAh

Best slim power banks.

  • Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank Pro: portable, metal clad design, it works for micro USB and USB-C devices, thick.
  • Veho Pebble P1 Pro 10,400mAh: charge via micro USB and USB-C, 2 USB ports, not design for everyone.
  • Power add pilot 2GS 10,00mAh: fast charge, capacity is high, may be heavy, but only 1.3cm thick can slip in to your back pocket easily.
  • Anker Power Core II 10,000mAh power bank: super-portable, beautiful slim design, only 10,000mAh, only one port, no cables in the box.
  • RAVPower 6,700mAh portable charger: bright colors (either pink, bright blue, or silver) options, compact design, and it could be smaller.
  • Omars power Bank 10,000mAh: it was a rare device that comes with USB-C, charge with USB-C, not USB-C speeds.
  • Qi-infinity Upgraded 35,000mAh Power bank.

Best power banks with a lot of ports.

  • MAXOAK 50,000 mah power bank: six ports, huge capacity, expensive, big and heavy.
  • A-Elefull-E 30,000mAh power bank: reasonable price, save remaining power, powers up with micro USB, two USB ports and several other connectors.

How to choose a power bank for smartphones?

Depending on Few factors, we can find best power banks. Capacity range from 500mAh to 20,000Mah, number of USB port, flashlight, WiFi, lithium-ION and lithium-polymer batteries, multiple users.

First, if you are away from a power point for long periods of time, constantly working with different devices, then you want a high battery capacity.

If you want charge devices over one at a time, then find how many points the portable charger has, it will be key.

If you work more and requires a lot of heavy gear, then you recommend taking a lightweight portable charger.

Because a balance has arranged with power and weight. After considering this if you find a best power bank for you then you need to check whether it is compatible with your specific device.

Now we have arranged all these for you. In this guide, using 3 methods, you can pick good power bank for you.

Method 1.

Right specifications.

It should make your search on charging capacity.

A 10,000mAh or more power bank can charge a phone up to 4 times and up to 2.5 times a tablet recharged without being recharged.


Portability of power bank directly related to its charging capacity. The large power bank will represent the more milliampere hours it has.

So, see its physical dimensions, and decide its charging capacity is dealing with its size.

High charging input and output.

If you have higher amperes of the output, your device will charge faster.

If you have higher amperes of input, then your power bank will recharge faster.

Method 2

  • Find a good quality power bank.
  • Reading the reviews of different brands in online.
  • Once you find a specific model, then find reviews on that model.
  • Within your price range, select the power Banks.

Method 3

Right extras.

Check how many USB charging ports the power bank has.

Be assure that the power bank comes with necessary cables.

Pick a power bank having an LED indicator.

if you have a glance at power bank brands in this guide, you can observe the top 10 brands.

How power bank Explode?

What is the best brands in power banks for smartphones?

In the newspapers and tv news we are hearing the number of people dying because of the explosion of battery in the mobiles.

This may be because of various reasons like improper use of battery, overcharging, and answering the call while in charging the device, etc.

Same as mobile. The power bank also can explode. In recent news we saw how a power bank explode on the body who uses it.

When he was charging his phone with the power bank in his pocket, it happened.

Now let us see some reasons for power bank explosion.

  1. If battery quality is poor, then it can make power bank explode.

The major components of portable batteries are batteries. So, the fact is they are most expensive part when you try to cost it individually.

In market they make by using lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries the power Banks it was a cheaper option.

So, manufactures to keep price down, they use lithium ion batteries to save cost. In work cases, some manufactures use recycled batteries. This increases the chance of explosion of batterie later time.

  1. Wrong or faulty circuit design.

For a well-developed power bank a good circuit design entails:

Power protection:

It is important for a good power bank. It is a method which secure the battery stops charging once it has reached full capacity.

Short circuit control:

A power bank must have its circuit fully insulated to prevent a short circuit.

Temperature control:

The temperature control must have for an ideal power bank. so that once it hit a particular temperature, it immediately shut down to cool off.

If the above three are not there in the battery then of a likely explosion are high.


2. Wrong or improper usage.

When you expose your power bank to high temperature, overcharging of it will be harmful. Especially when it doesn’t have a power protection as we explained above.

And when you drop water on it or leave it near a heated area like under the sun lead to explosion.

Are power banks safe for smartphones?

Now everyone is carrying a portable source of power with them that is power Bank. But we have a question is it safe to use a power bank for charging your smartphone.

Let us watch your smartphone charger and check the voltage on it, we can observe 5V. now take the power bank you are using it is also 5V or a little higher. Then it is good.

If your power bank is less than 5V, then it won’t charge your smartphone and even drain your battery.

Usually you will get a 5V + power bank so you no need to worry. But when you are using a power bank handset is not charging and the handset battery is draining, then you must stop using that power bank.

Power bank uses.

  • If you have a power cut in your home or no electricity area, then it is very useful.
  • Because of high-powered device, there is a faster rate of charging.
  • You can recharge it easily by attaching to any USB port.
  • It always gives freedom to use the smartphone without worrying about its battery.
  • You no need to worry about battery down condition while you are chatting.
  • No need to worry about charging point or phone’s battery while you are travelling.
  • We can use one power bank for multiple devices. So it is cost effective.
  • Don’t need a spare battery for every gadget you own.
  • Slim power banks are lightweight and small, so it is easy to carry around.
  • You have a free constant top up option for solar power banks.
  • Using an USB cable, you can recharge a solar power bank.
  • Easily replaceable.

Can power banks repaired?

For every electronic device like a smartphone or tablet needs a power bank to keep them alive. But the problem not all of us know how it works literally and to repair when it is not charging or other defects occur.

We face 3 problems encountered by the users:

  1. Broken indicator.

The first thing to do in this case is to make sure the charging function is still working, then the only indicator fails. Don’t open and repair the batteries unless you have solid electronic knowledge.

  1. Not charging.

Make sure that charging circuit broken if it happens then the batteries are still good you can use the batteries to DIY a power bank.

  1. Loose USB port.

Use a screwdriver or toothpick to make your work easier.

Till now we discussed many topics about power banks which makes your search easy. as days are passing with more advanced technologies many new products are launching.

So, there is no guarantee for an electronic product that we use for a long time. when new models introduced we simply skip into them. not only electronic items its about fashion, beauty products, jewellery etc. 

So, now what is available to us make use of them.