Either you want to add funk to an existing party moment or only need an escape from the world music will help you anyway. And with smartphones in every hand music is becoming more of an integral part of life.

Also, the internet gave us the power to enjoy our favorite music whenever we want where ever we want. But what if you run out of the internet. This could happen in any situation let’s say you are in flight and lost the connectivity.

In this situation, music caching apps will be there to save you. If you do not know what is meaning of cache music then it means these apps use your device’s storage to store music so that you can enjoy your favorite soundtracks anytime even without the internet.

So, here is the list of best music cache apps for iOS that will always keep you in flow even without the internet:

iTunes: There are no better options than the built-in music app. iTunes can be synced with iCloud and used to store music to hear it later on.