In addition to a new ‘iPhone X2’ and large iPhone X Plus, Apple is also likely to release an iPhone 9 in September 2018. This is the somewhat nicer-priced successor of the iPhone 8. The device is expected to look a bit different.

When can you expect the Apple iPhone 9?

Now that the long-awaited iPhone X has been on the market for a while, the attention of Apple fans is already turning to the next model. In this case, the iPhone 9, which reportedly will take over many of the groundbreaking innovations of the X and will supplement it with new functionalities? When this device comes out and what you can expect, please read below.

What are the specifications of the iPhone 9?

Even more important than the final name of the new mobile phone are of course the design and specifications. As always with Apple, according to the latest rumors, they are promising. Like the illustrious X, the 9 probably gets a razor-sharp Super Retina Display in two variants: a 5.9 and a 6.5-inch format (the latter probably being the Plus version).

What is certain is that the iPhone 9 will use the brand new Apple A12 chip that will set a new standard in computing power and speed. An extremely long battery life and remote charging are also mentioned as spearheads of Apple in the development of the new device model.

iPhone 9 gets iPhone X design

On the outside, the new device seems to be on the iPhone X. As a result, the design that Apple has used with the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 has finally come to an end. The home button also disappears and the edges of the screen become considerably thinner. Whether they become as thin as with the iPhone X is still unclear. Expect a glass case that may be even stronger than the iPhone X by a new generation.

iPhone 9: specs, release and all current expectations in a row.

Housing with more colors

iPhone 9

An interesting rumor is the arrival of more colors. Apple would like the next iPhone not only in silver, spacegrijs and gold to bring out, but additional colors plan. A relatively reliable source reported in June that the device would be available in gray, white, blue, and red and orange. This would be the first time in years that Apple is experimenting with colorful iPhones again. The iPhone 5c was the last iPhone that was available in all kinds of colors.

6.1-inch LCD screen

Unlike the iPhone X, the iPhone 9 is not expected to have an OLED screen, but an ‘old-fashioned’ LCD screen. Apple does this to keep the costs of the device low. Apple may use a new generation of LCD technology that provides a screen that gives a brighter image. The expectation is that True Tone, 3D Touch and a wide color reproduction will also be supported. This is now also in the iPhone 8.

Camera and Face ID

iPhone 9

The iPhone X2 and iPhone 9 will probably be distinguished in the field of the camera. Recently leaked images of prototypes show that there is probably only one camera present. So do not count on optical zoom or portrait mode. What you can count on is Face ID, because another way of unlocking is not without a home button. This also means that you can have fun with Animoji.

A12 chip: 10 percent faster

iPhone 9

Every year the iPhone gets a new chip and although the iPhone 9 becomes the cheaper model next to the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, we expect the phone to get the latest and fastest A12 chip. The iPhone 9 does not fall under speed for the iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who previously often had accurate specifications, expects the device to receive 3GB of RAM. The iPhone 8 currently has 2GB. But what does that mean for speed? In a first benchmark, an alleged A12 chip scores 10 percent better than the A11 of the iPhone 8.

Battery and fast charging

Last year, Apple launched an innovative battery design with a battery consisting of two parts. There is a horizontal and vertical part that together forms one battery. This is not expected to come to the iPhone 9 and remains reserved for the iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus. So count on a slightly less good battery life. If your iPhone 9 is empty, you can expect to charge it faster. All new iPhones would be delivered with a quick charger in 2018.

To conclude, we may have good news. This year Apple would breed a price reduction. After the iPhone has become more expensive in recent years, the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus would be sold for the price of the ‘normal’ iPhone this year (€ 1160.45 for 64GB). This makes it possible to offer the iPhone X2 with OLED screen for around € 960 (current price iPhone 8 Plus) and keep the iPhone 9 at the price level of the iPhone 8. So calculate about € 800 for 64GB of storage.

When is the release of the iPhone 9?

Since the iPhone 5, Apple has announced every new iPhone in the first or second week of September. The announcement is often on Tuesday or Wednesday. Patterns from the past are the best indicator of future events, but of course no guarantee.  Apple has a long history when it comes to announcing new phones. The telephone giant does that every year around mid-September. For example, the iPhone 7 was introduced on 7 September and its successor, the 8, on 12 September. It is therefore very likely that the iPhone 9 will have a similar release date.

Whether the name of the mobile phone will actually be iPhone 9 remains to be seen. With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple broke on the one hand with a long-standing trend in device names, but on the other hand, this can be explained by the exceptional innovation associated with this model. However, the X stands for the Roman variant of the number 10, so that the name 9 can be felt as a decline. For now, however, this is the most likely name of the phone.

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