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    The best thing about iPhones is their customizable user interface. The latest models come with the option of personalized app icons, which is only exclusive to Apple only. Thus, people who are use iPhones get used to its highly customized home screen and interface. They are most suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners.

    what happens if you reset your phone

    But what happens if you reset your phone or What will happen if I reset my iPhone?. Yes! There are chances when you have to reset your iPhone. Everyone says nothing is perfect so does applies to your phone. It may behave inappropriately. The reason could be anything a bug or excessive use or any kind of physical damage. So, you have no other way than resetting your handset.

    Here the first question that might hit your brain is what happens if you reset your phone?

    The answer is each and every piece of your data will be deleted from it. Everything like contacts, Apple id, accounts, customization all be lost. Your phone will be in the state of a newly bought handset.

    The second question could be why should I reset my phone?

    Because it can eliminate all the viruses and bugs that reached your phone through the internet. Bugs are malfunctioning software strings that sneak into the handset through any means possible it could be a text message through a social media app, or any program you download at your own will.


    How to reset iPhone:

    • Before resetting your phone sync it with your personal computer or back up all your data in the iCloud account. This will prevent any data loss.
    • Keep the phone charging to 100%, you do not want all the process to get interrupted in mid-way.
    • Go to settings< General.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and look for the RESET option and click.
    • You will see a pop-up asking do you want to erase all data and settings. Click yes.
    • Now it will reboot. Do not disturb it until it restarts itself.