How long will iPhone 7 be supported

iPhone 7 is still one of the most successful sales of Apple. When the phone was about to launch in 2016, there were several assumptions regarding its size and its features. The most discussed was the fact that the new iPhone does not have an audio jack. Initially, many thought that this would bring this model down but actually, it sold 152 % more than the previous models.

But the most discussed topic about that model is iPhone 6 the same size as iPhone 7, probably yes because it was fitting the same cases as iPhone 6 would fit.

It is the step that was almost unexpected from Apple because at that time they were getting better and bigger every time so, this is not what everyone is expecting. If you are still curious about the comparison of iPhone 6 and 7 than here we are listing some features unique to iPhone 7 which will help you to understand better.

The iPhone 7’s features are unmatchable at that time which includes

• No headphone jack.

• Capacitive, haptic home button.

• Improved water resistance.

• Design is similar to iPhone 6s.

• Upgraded A10 Fusion processor.

• Stereo sound.

• Improved battery life.

So, everyone was thinking about how can Apple do not innovate in size or physical features of the phone. The answer to this question was on the back panel of the phone. Yes, the Apple iPhone 7 was not the same, it has a dual-lens camera.

The main improvement in the physical attributes of the iPhone is its camera. This time Apple worked more on its camera improvements. Its lens has 6 elements to feature the functionality of a dual camera. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 28 mm wide-angle lens making it even better.

So, the answer is yes iPhone 7 has the same dimensions as iPhone 6 but it is not compatible with cases of iPhone 6 because of its dual-lens.

Also, as an improvement, it will be shipped to your address with lightening AirPods.