The favourite phone brand in the world, most secure handset, waterproof, innovation leader, and a status symbol still fooled by a text string bug.

In April 2020, a new text string was discovered which is possibly crashing iPhones swiftly. It is actually awful in the middle of an exciting chat that your handset hangs, that too when you have spent hundreds of dollars on a brand like Apple. Painful but it is true that dearest iPhones can easily be crashed due to certain text string which means texts. Yes! There are some certain characters Which character crash iPhone?.

If you are wondering what is crashing then it is the time when your device’s software stops functioning properly or completely hangs up. And this is not the first time when Apple faced this problem. The text string bugs baffled the giant in February 2018 too.

At that time, it was a Telugu character which was bothering your iPhones. Telugu is a language spoken in south India mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. The reason for this problem was the complexity of the language. As we know iPhones default fonts are in English, almost all technical devices run on English as the default language. Because English is an easy language as compared to any other regional language for operating systems to understand.

character that crashes iphone



Therefore, iOS was unable to read it. Also, the character which crashed the iPhone is made up of 4 separate units. The difficulty level to render this one character was enough to crash the iPhones and even macs. Because Apple cannot read this regional language. But Apple immediately launched an update to fix the problem.
But this time it is said that the bug came from messaging app Telegram as only the Italian Flag emoji is crashing iPhones, and it can be easily transferred through messaging apps. Along with this flag emojis, some characters of Sindhi language are also blamed for this.