iOS is one of the most secured mobile phone operating system out of many operating system out in the market. Apple has Apple ID. As described by Apple, “Your Apple ID is the account that you use for everything you do with Apple, like buy an app, shop the iTunes Store, sign in to iCloud, and more.” Basically, it is an email that only you can access so you can make sure that all your account’s information is secured.

But, even if there is already a security features in iPhone, sometimes, you can never be so secured. That is why there are lots of apps that could heighten the iPhone’s security just by installing and activating them. It offers different kinds of security to your iPhone to decrease the chance of losing valuable information stored in it. Although, typically, Apple releases one major update every year and minor updates every 1-2 months. But, using these apps will manually add more security on your phone even before the major and minor regular updates of Apple. There are a lot of them but only few are best to install for heightened mobile security.

Sure Apple security is topnotch. But, there is no such thing as perfectly secured phone. Of course, there are flaws with it. With the help of the app-locker application, phone privacy can be less of your problem. So, if you think a passcode and fingerprint biometric is not enough for your iPhone, let us have a look to this top app-locker application we have in the Apple Store. But, can we really lock apps one by one? Answer is – No. Apple iPhones thought that they already figure it out and locking applications individually is no really necessary. That is why, if you want to have your phone apps locked, you need to do a jailbreak to it. Which compromises its security. How ironic! Anyhow, this is the best iOS app you can try to install for added security:

AppLocker – this is the most popular among the four apps. This app will ask you to create a password that you need to use to access or launch. Without the password, you cannot open the app. AppLocker is an added fence to your important information. Now, you can lock apps that may contain sensitive information like phone numbers, bank accounts and all other valuable data. There are four section to it – General, Application Locking, Folder Locking, Reset Password Phrase, and More.

  • General – in this section, you can configure the toggle session locking that lets you enter the app password once unless you lock the iPhone again. Force the device to kick you to the Lock screen if the app password entered is wrong and choose a password.
  • Application Locking – with this option, you can manage the security of your apps by letting you choose app you want to put a password with every launch.
  • Folder Locking – just like with the Application Locking but with the Folders.
  • Reset Password Phrase – this is like the recovery option. It lets you configure a way to reset your password in the event that you forgot about it.
  • More – the miscellaneous part. With this option, you can also the lock the home screen applications so it cannot be moved. Also, disable the AppLocker,’s protection while connected to a trusted Wi-Fi Network.

Also, this application itself is locked. Before anyone can change the setting of the passwords saved to it, it will ask them to enter a password to continue.

So, as you can see, the layer of security of this app is pretty awesome. So you will rest your mind with any intruder that will try to access your phone and launch some apps. Also with people you hand it over too, but won’t let them wandering on other apps. What a way to secure your iPhone! It is made available by Cydia’s ModMyi repository for only $0.99 only.