It is no news that Apple and Samsung are giants in the world of smartphones. Sometimes it isn’t easy to select the best between them when trying to purchase a new phone.

Both companies never relent in providing new updates to their users from time to time, thereby keeping them hooked and satisfied technologically.

Both companies provide highly featured smartphones with unmatched quality. They are both very expensive and available in most countries in the world. Check here for the prices of Samsung and Apple smartphones.

We figured that the only effective way to know which phone is better, whether iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is by comparing their features.

iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy

We are going to compare these two incredible phones under the following features:

1. Camera

The camera stands as one of an essential part of a smartphone. “To catch amazing moments and preserve memories.” That’s why the camera exists!

Looking at the latest iPhones 11 Pro and Pro Max, Apple has resolved to use multiple lenses to improve the camera’s efficiency and quality. The iPhones 11 pro and pro max feature three rear lenses with each capturing in 12MP. iPhone comes with a range of camera features, including slow mode, portrait, smart HDR, etc.

The latest Samsung Galaxy 10+, on the other hand, also possesses three rear lenses, with each having a 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens, which can be adjusted to capture a broader range. It is, by far, one of the most outstanding productions of Samsung. It also features a ‘Scene Optimizer’ where you can change the scene to fit the scene’s object or message.

2. Phone Storage

Phone storage has been a primary concern for most apple users. Every Apple smartphone doesn’t have an external storage space, unlike Samsung Galaxy.

Although the latest iPhone 11 pro and pro max came with an internal storage of 512G, which is more than enough to store files, Apple has other measures such as iCloud to store and secure files at a low cost.

The latest Samsung Galaxy has enough storage capacity featuring 512GB built-in storage and an external storage capacity of 512GB.

3. Phone Design

When it comes to phone designs, Apple smartphones tried their best to keep their phones as sleek as possible. The first set of iPhones were rounded and plastic-backed. Since then, their designs have kept improving, featuring the home button and fingerprint option. The latest version of the iPhone 11 pro and pro max has a unique glass design coupled with a stainless steel band, leaving out the home button.

The Samsung Galaxy series has advanced from the plastic design, starting with the premier model, S6 Edge, which features an exceptional dual-edge function. The latest Samsung Galaxy S10s comes with more mouth-watering features, including a bezel-free screen design, incredible ceramic backs that are durable and resistant to scratch. and other exciting features

4. Screen Quality

Over the years, Apple keeps improving its smartphone screen resolutions with its most recent launch (iPhone 11 Pro Max), having up to 2,688 x 1,242 pixels. Samsung Galaxy S10+, on the other hand, features a higher screen resolution of up to 3,040 x 1,440 pixels, which makes more superior when it comes to image quality.

Samsung Galaxy and iPhone also show differences in their display types. iPhone 11 Pro Max features a Super Retina XDR OLED display while Samsung Galaxy S10+ comes with a Dynamic AMOLED displays. The difference is their display types is that AMOLEDs consume less power than OLEDs. However, there is an exception when displaying bright colors. OLEDs display perfectly in sunlight, unlike AMOLEDs.

5. Repair

We know that a phone can get damaged anytime. Although no one breaks a phone deliberately, it is only ideal for us to understand how easy it is to repair when damaged. Apple has better support when it comes to dealing with phone repair or replacement than Samsung.

However, Apple costs more! To replace the screen of the most expensive Samsung phone (Galaxy S10+) costs about $300 while the iPhone 11 pro max costs about $385 for repairs.


iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones are high-quality mobile phones dominating the world. In this article, we created a list of essential features under some critical headings. With this article, you can decide for yourself which one is better, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.