In the 2020s buying a phone is more difficult than looking for a life partner. We have so many brands to choose from and all options are equally good.

But if you want to look elite with your phone then the range narrows down to two brands Apple and Samsung especially their galaxy range.

And if you are looking for the answer to Which phones are better: iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? then reach the end of the article.

is iphone better than galaxy

User Experience: 

Every service provider wants to deliver the best to its user and therefore Apple and Samsung constantly work on the user interface of their handsets. But android (Samsung) in this case is winning the race by giving its user more freedom to customize the home screen.

• Design: 

Apple is a luxury brand it spends millions of dollars every year to bring innovations to the aesthetics of iPhones and it comes every time with more and more sleek designs. Samsung is also good at designs but for some specific models whereas each and every iPhone is beautiful in its own way.

  • Price: 

iPhone is merely not a device it is a status symbol it has a market value which gives Apple the power to charge whatever they want for an iPhone. Its budget phones start from $400 and iPhone X was for $1100 when launched. But Samsung has also impressed consumers enough to charge $1400 for their Z series.


Apple does not let you download anything from any open source which makes android a more widely used operating system as compared to iPhones. An android user can download apps and software from any source by easily giving access to unknown sources.

• Security: 

No debates only hats-off to Apple. It has provided its user unmatchable security patches which are difficult for even Galaxy to match.

• Battery life: 

This is a clear-cut win for Samsung as Apple never got any chance to flaunt its battery usage. However, I have not seen any Samsung users charging their phones every now and then.


Talking about camera galaxy is giving tough competition with its wide-angle camera and light optimizer feature but still Apple is dominating with its live photos feature. Whichever phone you choose your photos will look amazing.

• Storage: 

iPhones disappoint users due to the absence of SD card slot that in turn cause storage issue which is not a problem with galaxy or any other android.

• Outlying: 

People often connect their devices with an external USB which is a dream for iPhone users if they do not have any lightning port, but the game is sorted with Samsung