First friends, do you know who created the battery?

It is Alessandro Volta in 1800.

He uses alternating layers of zinc, blotting paper soaked in saltwater, and silver. This arrangement we call it as a voltaic pile.

Before going to our question, why did apple put two battery’s in iPhone X. we will discuss some topics related to it.

So, that you can have a clear view of it.



Importance of battery

the function of a battery

Battery life in iPhone

Purpose of using two battery’s in iPhone X


The device provide electricity to produce power.

But, for mobile, the battery is the heart for it. nowadays mobile phones and tablets using different batteries.

on how much energy it stores it decides the quality.

also, some limitations for battery depend on size and weight.

If the battery is big, it makes the device bulky.

So, the designers depend on 3 parameters for making a battery

They are

1. chemical composition

2. size

3. weight

Now we are not discussing size and weight. Because the main thing we should know about chemical composition.

Chemical composition

In modern cell phones, we will only two types of battery

1. lithium polymer

2. lithium-ion

Lithium polymer is the most advanced and latest cell phone battery. it is ultralightweight.

two battery's in iPhone X

Lithium-ion is an older and most popular technology for cell phone batteries. they are expensive but have higher energy density compared to lithium polymer.

two battery's in iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X also uses a lithium-ion battery.

Importance of battery

these are essential components of most electronic devices. We can examine them in our electrical appliances like cars, laptops, etc.

The battery became a part of our everyday life. Once watch while you go out must and should take a handphone with you.

They use next. reach home, your hands go to switch on tv. So, for that, we use the battery.

List of the places we use battery’s

  1. Around the house.
  2. Medical environments
  3. Firefighting and emergency purpose
  4. Military purpose
  5. Health devices
  6. Construction and logistics

So, this is only some of them but we can make a big list of them. In every aspect of our life, we use them. plays a prominent role and become a part of our day-to-day life.

the function of a battery

Every mobile gets power from a rechargeable battery pack. As we discussed above most of the phones, use a lithium-ion battery.

They are light and stores a generous amount of energy. And we can recharge it many hundreds of times.

If we care about a cell phone battery, it gives years of reliable service.

Most of the smartphones use this battery. it handles innumerable forms of communication.

So, it keeps the device running like the daily functioning of our life.

The battery life of iPhone X

Compared to the before series on iPhone, the series X battery life is not that much mind-blowing but better than some old iPhone. It has a very good battery life of 10hours 49minutes.

More than the typical handset it delivers an hour more of battery life.

The iPhone X battery charges from the dead to 100% within 2hr 15m.

The battery capacity is 2,716mAh.

One full night it only lost 5% of charging. How good!

When you watch a 90minutes movie with full brightness in full HD. Many of the mobile losses charging up to 25%. iPhone X made a breakthrough it drops only 10%.

Purpose of using two separately battery’s in iPhone X

two battery's in iPhone X


In the circuit board of expensive phones, the space of the components is very much important.

Rather than a single component apple uses two battery cells.

So, to maximize the amount of charge and space as much as possible.

It gives a capacity of 10.35Wh. totally the two cells provide a combined output of 2,716mAh.

the apple needs to increase the battery of their phone. For that, they can’t change their battery design.

So, that’s why they added two different batteries.

One battery we see common in all phones and another battery which is a small added to the existing battery.

If one of their batteries was repaired or seen a fault, they can easily replace it with another one. So, the cost of replacement is decreased.


So, friends do you understand about the battery, battery life, importance and functions of a battery.

Mainly in this article, we see a brief history of the battery.

And one more important thing, about why we use two separately battery’s in iPhone X.

I hope this information will benefit you!