It is very surprising how technology is now. Before we only have our phone for making and receiving calls, then sending and receiving text messages, then comes the camera and a whole lot more that somehow make our lives easier. Now, developers started to change how we see watches.

Apple per say, has the Watch, it’s not only given time but measures your heart rate, calculates your calorie burn and measures general body activity. Isn’t it amazing how the watch was reinvented and give another meaning to its original function? It can play music too, can access Siri and can add your credit card so you some money stuff using the little device. It’s like a compact smartphone but without a camera. But, why didn’t Apple put a camera in it? Will it be practical if you have one on your wrist? Let’s read it here.

  • Will it be better if Apple Watch have a camera?
  • Why does Apple Watch don’t have a camera?
  •  Apple Watch No Camera: Why not?

Why didn't Apple put a camera on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is a smartwatch developed by Apple. Its main function is for fitness tracking and health oriented capabilities. The famous Apple Watch was released April 24, 2015 and just second quarter of the same year, Apple sold over 4.2 million. The price ranges from $329 to $399. As described by Tim Cook, Apple Watch is “a precise timepiece, a new intimate way to communicate from your wrist, and a comprehensive health and fitness device” As listed by the Mashable Asia, there are 4 key features of this device. The first one is communication. The watch is so smart, it can do digital touch which you can send quick images or send “tap” to get tour friend’s attention. It can also receive calls and texts.

The Apple Watch can analyze the text it received and suggest quick replies and you can also send voice messages since the watch has a built in mic. Next is Fitness. This is the main function of the watch. The watch has a sensor at the back to measure your heart rate at anytime. You just have to select the option to do so. Also, it has an accelerometer that could count your step, calculate how much calorie it burned and measure total body activity.

The third feature is the App Usage. There are variety or apps that is encapsulated in this very small but powerful tool. The watch has a “WatchKit” that allows the developer to create third party apps that is specifically for this watch.

Lastly, there are apps that you could find in other Apple products making it a legit ‘Apple Product’. Namely, iTunes, Apple TV, Siri, Apple Pay, and Map. It also has a sensitive display. The watch will light up when raising your hand and if you want to ignore a phone call, you can simply cover the watch’s screen with your hand. With all these feature, Apple Watch is yet another amazing creation by the clever minds of Apple.

But, with all these, there is one thing Apple might have forgotten – the Camera. Why did Apple did not put a camera on their Apple Watch?

Surely, Apple have their team who is clever enough not to put a camera on the Apple Watch. If we are going to examines Apple products, we will be able to see that their products are not just a checklist. They put or add specific parts in it with a purpose without compromising the usability, the functionality and the overall design of the product. That is why Apple is very well known to their quality gadgets. And I can personally say that not putting a camera on Apple watch is a right choice.

We all know that the main function of camera is taking pictures and recording a video. Have you tried positioning your phone to where the watch should be put? It will be a little awkward and uncomfortable. And you just can’t get your angle right. FaceTime is one of the Apple’s distinct feature, could you imagine talking to your watch, holding it up right just so you can see each other? Can you imagine how tiring that can be? Even if you are just talking for a minute?

Also, with its small built-in speaker, the sound would not be that clear, you may probably have difficulties hearing each other. Apple Watch is a little device that has too many feature but logically, little space to put another feature – camera. I don’t think it can capture a good photo as well, thinking of the position of the watch and the actual camera position on the watch to capture a real good one.

What more a video? Moreover, Apple Watches’ battery ranges only from 250 mAh – 279 mAh only, not enough to support a camera feature. It would probably drain the battery pretty fast.

A world that is fast-pacing, there are lots of things we wish to have and some are we already have yet we did not imagine to be even possible. It could be nice to have a watch that could take a photo underwater while you are out having a swim. Some people have their watch as their only accessory in the body, and it would be nice to capture a good view using it anytime.

However, some things are not meant to function as we’d like them to be. Come on, you have a phone in your pocket also, that is meticulously designed to capture real photos which is more comfortable, not awkward and very convenient. Why not take it out and use it. So, why not leave it just the way Apple have designed it. Besides, there are lots of feature Apple Watch could offer and having no camera won’t hurt anyone.

Do not worry, I am pretty sure that Apple is developing something and won’t stop imagining things and putting it to reality for a better future. Who knows after a year or two, Apple have come up to an idea in putting camera in their watch without compromising its usability, the functionality and the overall design of the product and people will start taking photos by lifting their wrists as if they are checking time. Maybe by then, it will not look as ridiculous as it is now.

Apple has decided to not put a camera to the Watch and I think it is the right thing to do. They have put many features on it and it a huge step. Sure they are not the one who initiated this idea but it was a great invention. Now, we are not going to look at it the same way we look at a watch before, there is so much more to it than just saying time.


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