Research shows that many Apple Watch users like to check the weather through their new gadget, which is not surprising because the weather has a big impact on our daily life. But sometimes users face different weather on their apple watch and iPhone.  In this article, we explain how to solve this problem? The main causes of different weather are.

  • Apple Watch: default city for the Weather app
  • Update the weather on your devices
  • Consult it again on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch: default city for the Weather app.

An application that you often use on the Apple Watch is probably the Weather app, by default the current location is used for the weather.

The weather can be consulted via the application itself, via the quick glance or via the dial. The same location is used in all of these locations. If you prefer to choose a city yourself instead of the current location, you can easily change that. How do you read in the following procedure?

Why do my Apple Watch and iPhone show different weather? • Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone
• Navigate to ‘Weather’
• Tap ‘Default City’
• Select the desired city

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Add multiple cities via the iOS Weather app

If the city of your choice is not listed, you first have to manually add it to the Weather application on your iPhone. To do this, open the Weather app and tap the three horizontal bars to open the list of locations. Select the plus button and search for a location via the search field. Tap the city in the list to add it; from then on you can select the cities in the settings for the Apple Watch.

Update the weather on your devices

The Weather application is completely renewed in watch OS 3, so drastic that you are looking for the first days where you can find everything. The cities that you have set up in the Weather application on the iPhone are still being used on the Apple Watch.

When you start the watch OS Weather application you immediately see an overview of all cities that have been added. This view is also shown in the Dock. Tap the city or current location for more information. The weather forecast opens immediately for the coming hours.

Change weather information in watch OS 3

After tapping on a city you will probably see an overview of the upcoming weather type. Think of sun, clouds, rain. Press firmly on the screen of your Apple Watch to choose a different view. This way you can also show the % rain and temperature for the coming hours.

Why do my Apple Watch and iPhone show different weather?

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View 10-day weather forecast

In previous versions, after choosing a city, you could run the Digital Crown to view the 10-day forecast. From watch OS 3 you can browse through the different cities in this way. You can view the 10-day weather forecast by tapping the middle of the screen. Then turn the Digital Crown to view more days. Returning to the app is possible via the button (text) at the top left.

Consult it again on the Apple Watch

You can check the weather through a complication, Siri, quick glance or via the application. Complications are small references to a certain type of information on the dial, so you can place an alarm clock, the weather, sunrise, appointments, activity, share price, battery level, etc. on your dial.

To add the weather, activate the clock and press firmly on the screen, navigate to the watch face you want to adjust and tap on ‘Customize’. Then you swipe left once or twice to adjust the complications. Choose a complication on the screen to adjust it and scroll with the digital crown until you have added ‘Weather’. Confirm by pressing twice on the digital crown.

Why do my Apple Watch and iPhone show different weather?

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Now you have a reference to the weather on your dial, by tapping on it the Weather application is opened immediately. Through this app, you can view the weather of the next 24 hours and the ten-day weather forecast. By tapping on the circle (current temperature) you change the view, so you can show the precipitation and temperature. This can also be done by pressing firmly on the screen when the Weather application is active.

The cities need to be adjusted and chosen via the Weather application on your iPhone. Open the Weather application, tap right on the three horizontal stripes and via the plus button on the right side of the list you can add cities. Fill in the search field the city you want to add, confirm by tapping the city in the list.

Besides the app and complication you can also check the Weather via Siri, this is very easy, press the digital crown until Siri is activated, then say the command ‘How’s the weather today’ and Siri gets to work. You can also ask if it is going to rain, how hot it is, etc.

Through the quick glance, you can view the current temperature and forecast at a glance. Open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone, navigate to the ‘My Watch’ tab and select ‘Quick Look’. Tap “Weather” on the plus button to add it, you can change it from position via the three horizontal stripes. The Quick Look can be activated by opening the clock on your Apple Watch, wipe up from the bottom of your screen, swipe left or right until you see the Weather.