Surely, you will be deceived with the sequence of iPhones that has been released, since iPhone 7 is later than iPhone SE, respectively, they were released March 16 and September 16, 2018, so, you might think that iPhone 7 is better, since it was launched later. Apple always makes us believe that every time they releases a new series, it will, automatically be a better one than the previous unit. But, have you check the specifications yet of the two? Well then, maybe, you need to think twice. Here are some things you can consider before upgrading to iPhone 7 or leaving your iPhone SE if you already have one or why iPhone SE is a favorable choice. You will learn answers to these 2 questions.

  • iPhone SE better than iPhone 7?
  • Reasons why iPhone SE is better than iPhone 7
  • Why not iPhone SE?

This article will tell you exactly why SE is better and the advantages of getting one for yourself than bringing home an iPhone 7 which is way expensive. You will learn about SE’s specs like the display, camera, headphone jack and OS, which you will find amazing about this phone. Despite of its size, you will learn how great this phone is. By reading this, your practical side of mind will be awakened by discovering things you might want to consider in choosing phones from getting its details from inside out. Together, let us learn about the iPhone SE. Who knows, maybe after reading this, you will be able to decide that iPhone SE is the phone that you need all your life.

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Reasons why iPhone SE is better than iPhone 7

They are nearly the same with each other. But of course, they have different prices. Huge difference. iPhone SE is somewhere between $400 to $500, while iPhone 7 is ranging from $649 to $849. More or less the difference is between $250 to $350. And that is almost the amount you need if you want to buy another iPhone SE.

If you want something that can still serve you with what you basically need for a phone but is not too expensive, iPhone SE is right for you. If you are not the type of person who just buy phone for a status upgrade, then you might want to consider iPhone SE.

Let us talk about the specs of these phones straight from iPhone SE has 4-inch retina display, while the iPhone 7 is 4.7-inch Retina HD display. Sure they are nearly the same size, but, trust me, they are not. iPhone SE is very handy that you can put it in a small pouch or even a clutch easily. It is also slimmer and lighter than iPhone 7. Making it very easy and convenient to bring anywhere comfortably. Not like any other phones that are bulky and larger that seems to be trending these days. Now, let us go inside the iPhone SE.

If you try to look for it at, you will see that they have dubbed it as “the most powerful 4-inch phone ever” and that is because of the A9 chip that is also used in iPhone 6s that could bring you “spectacular speed and responsiveness” added by Apple. “Making it a mighty chip for maximum performance”. Its like the world in your pocket. Very handy, yet, so powerful. What can you do with it?

According to, “The extra power could be used for even more impressive games, processing 4K video, and running apps that are even closer to OS X-class”, and let me add the power efficiency result of having a9 chip running at the back of our iPhone SE. So, the real question is, what can you not do with it? Impressive!

Moreover, from iPhone 7 and up, headphone jack has been removed, so, users need to use lightning or bluetooth headphones, which is more expensive than a conventional ones, good thing is that it is included in the box if you buy a brand new iPhone 7. But, in iPhone SE, you can still use the conventional earphones, since it still has the headphone jack. Good news is, it will never be dead so you won’t have to charge it. So you will never be frustrated knowing that your earphones are not available for you to use. That will be a bad day.

Now, the camera. iPhone SE has a 12MP sensor with focus pixel. Live photos is also available in SE. HDR is also becoming automatic rather than being just an effect. With this handy smartphone, you can capture a photo beautifully. It can also capture photos on a low-light mode, best when getting pictures or scenes on a darker light. And that is a plus in considering buying an iPhone. Why not the SE?

Lastly, the iOS. From iPhone 5s and above, iPhones can get access or can be upgraded to the latest iOS. And that includes the iPhone SE. It could work with iOS 11 that is designed beautifully. You can still have the same experience with users that has the latest versions like Phone X or iPhones later than SE but, in a very low price. You can have the same apps, same security updates and same access to apps that you can install from the Apple Store. Isn’t that amazing? Everything in a much lower cost.

Deciding what iPhone to buy is quite difficult, since, Apple is very good in making their products great each time. But, I hope the information provided is enough for you to decide that you don’t have to shed a large amount of money to get what you want and what you truly need. iPhone SE has a true value for money. I hope I was able to bring you the message that iPhone SE is possibly the best phone that you will ever have out of the 18 iPhones Apple have released at this moment. (Sorry iPhone X) That you can never go wrong choosing iPhone SE than iPhone 7.

Besides, Apple will not call iPhone SE as “the most powerful 4-inch phone ever” if its not going to serve you well. From spectacular speed, to amazing camera photos to awesome conventional headphones to great operating system, all for a very affordable price, why not iPhone SE? It is like bringing future into your pocket. Now, that is something!


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