16 September 2016 shocked the world of smartphones when Apple launched it the latest model iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. Yes! A smartphone without an audio jack to prevent consumers from getting stressed due to tangled headphones. What a smart move to make all its competitors look like fools and forced to follow the social statement brand of smartphones.

iphone 7 plus left speaker not working

However soon after the launch of the iPhone 7, a new question started to pinch everyone that why the iPhone 7 plus left speaker not working? And the answer is it not working because it is not a speaker. It is mike instead.

The actual device behind the grill of the left corner of your iPhone 7 is a sound receiving machine so, that your loved ones can hear you clearly.

As Apple removed the audio jack it must be switched with something else and it did the same. And user started assuming that it is a speaker because it looked exactly like one already present speaker on the right side.
They did it all for the sole sake of aesthetics as we all know being a luxury brand the looks of their product matters a lot for them. So, they do not want the toughest smartphone to look asymmetric only because they removed an audio jack.

iphone 7 plus left speaker not working

It does not mean that they are giving you a phone with four mikes and one speaker. They are always extra. The second speaker is at the top of the phone right above the screen.

Apple never failed to surprise its customers and they proved the same with the launch of the iPhone 7, it may lead many to shock thinking that the newly bought phone is not working properly but as people started to know about the whole situation everyone appreciated their clever move.