IAM getting an iPhone 7 from the USA, will it work in INDIA?

Yes, it works in INDIA.

Imagine in INDIA nowadays JIO is popular. With a reasonable price, you can get it. Even a middle class and lower middle class can buy it. Because its cost is only 1500rs.

one thing you should remember is except JIO no other network can fit in it, because it is locked with JIO sim. But no problem if it is locked we can use it with another network like airtel, idea, etc.

You may think why I am telling this, wait I will tell. Look at the question in the heading. iPhone 7 from USA work in INDIA.

Like JIO in INDIA, apple also launched iPhone by locking with its networks like version, sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile. So, no other network can use on the iPhone.

But, don’t worry like JIO you can unlock your iPhone.

Really, how?

The phones which are network locked can easily be unlocked with nearby local phone repair shops, or you can do that by simply watching youtube videos.

But using the above process and unlocking your phone which is branded some apps of the original carrier can be left on your phone. They too can be removed only jailbreaking the iPhone.

Now let us see more information about unlocking your iPhone in simple steps:

Requesting the carrier for unlocking


The iPhone whether purchased from friends, family, or through other links like amazon, etc. you must make sure the full payment is done or not.


If you’re on due and paying installments, then the carrier that offers the unlocking policy will refuse to unlock the phone.


Gather the necessary information your carrier needed to unlock your iPhone.

For example, it requires information like account information, IMEI number.


Now call or visit a carrier and ask them to unlock your phone


Still any other information is required for your carrier to provide it.


Once you submit the request, it might take a few days for completing. So, you can contact your carrier to know about request status.


You will get a confirmation message finally.


Now you can check the message.so, your phone is unlocked.


Make sure that the phone which you unlock runs with GSM network and not CDMA. Because only DOCOMO and BSNL presently run with CDMA in INDIA.


Also, verify the network frequencies which support INDIA. What are (900/1800/2100/2300MHz).

If your iPhone is already locked with a sim just follow these two simple steps to have a sim from a carrier other than your current carrier.


Take off or remove the existing sim and insert a new one.


Now set up your iPhone again.


Notice that if you brought an iPhone once used and unlocking it then, you might have to pay a nominal fee to unlock it.


If you are buying a used one then be sure and check with the owner that you can able to unlock your new iPhone.

Once you request for unlock but still not get the SIM then you need to reset your phone.

Let us see how to update an unlocked phone with a sim card in simple steps.


First of all back up your iPhone data to iCloud or iTunes.


Erase the data on your iPhone.


For erasing the path tap on settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings.


Now finish the setup assistant and restore from your backup.


Hush! finally it’s over I think so you enjoyed the steps given above because it makes your work easy.