Are you the resident of Korea?

working as an employee in a Korean company?

studying at a Korean university?

Or are you a housewife?

You may think why I’m asking this question, there is a relation to the topic we are discussing now. In the above cases, whatever may be your role, but every individual in this role will maintain a phone with them.

Now around you where ever you hear many sounds speak about iPhone. So, it is easy there to get it.

Just imagine in your hands now an eye sparking iPhone with X series is there. How do you feel? For a second goose booms will come on your skin.

Ok, it’s good to have an iPhone. But will it work in KOREA?

It’s important to think about it. Because of Your place a high price on it.

Ok, let us go to the topic!

You may think or hear from anywhere that Apple is an international branded company. Through decades, it is launching an exclusive and eye-catching iPhone with an updated series. Which work all over the world.

So, now I think your enthusiastic while hearing this news, yes it is true iPhone works all over the world. But it should be unlocked.

Another thing you check that your phone had a sim card slot, which can run GSM. Then you can use your iPhone X in KOREA.

For you, there is interesting information here.

Let us see about working condition of the phone in KOREA.

Before 2010 it is impossible for the people moving to KOREA to bring their phone and use with the KOREAN network.

Once the iPhone came, it did a breakthrough. by this many companies like Samsung, LG, also led an explosion of smartphones With network speeds of 3G.

Now you can bring LTE phones to KOREA and use it with KOREAN networks.

Another news you should see is the difference between CDMA and WCDMA.

Why I should learn about it, you may raise this question because it is not relevant to the topic raised above.

you should notice about it because while choosing the sim it is most important. many of them consider they both are the same, but they are not.

WCDMA is a 3rd generation (3G) GSM technology, on the other hand CDMA is a 2nd generation alternative to GSM.

HSDPA and UMTS are the versions of WCDMA.

It needs to satisfy some requirements, for a phone to work in KOREA. Now we will discuss them.

the 3 requirements:

1.should be unlocked

we lock The iPhone which you purchased with a specific carrier you can’t use any other network in that slot until it is unlocked.

Unlock an iPhone means not swiping on the screen or typing the password. The iPhone which with a specific carrier and making it usable by other carriers.

You may ask why the company launching its phone by locking the reason is company cell phones with software that prevents them from recognizing another company’s SIM card. should have a sim card slot

Some companies launching their phones with their own networks without a sim slot. So, that no other SIM we can place in it.

For example, certain companies like us and Canada which runs with CDMA networks, sell their unique versions of certain phones that have no sim card slot. this will prevent customers from taking their phone to other networks.

3. It should support GSM network frequencies

If your mobile supports the GSM network through the GSM ARENA website, we can find the information about the phone.

Then you should also see that your device supports one of the GSM network frequencies below.

  • 4G LTE Bands
  • 3G Bands

If you check out these things, then iPhone will work.

So, this is all about working on iPhone X in KOREA. I think so this information is useful for you.