Which network due you like most?

I mean which carrier or SIM you like.

There are many SIM’s available in the market at present. only a few are popular.

In-country like INDIA, we have popular networks like BSNL, JIO, AIRTEL. And so, remaining networks are less popular because of the reason for their signal, net offer, etc.

But, in some countries like the USA, the UK most of the hands filled with iPhones. Do you know which SIM used in that?

When you buy an iPhone, in most of the countries they locked it with the carriers. Or the factory locked.

Do you know the name of the carriers?

Verizon, Sprint, AT &T, T-Mobile.

You may wonder why I was saying about the carriers or SIM.

Today, our article’s main theme is about using an iPhone X SIM on an Android phone.

Before going deep into the topic, let’s see some subtopics.

So, that you will have the answer before going to the topic.

  • History of the SIM card
  • Types of SIM cards
  • Is any data loss in reducing the SIM card?
  • Uses and importance of SIM cards
  • iPhone X SIM work on an Android phone

History of SIM card

What is the full form of the SIM- it is a subscriber identity or identification module?

SIM first appeared with the digital GSM mobile phones in 1992. The first GSM mobile phone with the SIM was NOKIA 1011.

An integrated circuit used to store the data about IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity) and its key.

They use the IMSI and a key for identification and authenticating subscribers on devices like mobile phones and computers.

SIM circuit is a part functioning of UICC (universal integrated circuit card). a physical smart card.

They make ULCC using PVC with embedded contacts and semiconductors.

These SIM cards are transferable between different mobile devices.

SIM card contains:

  1. Unique serial number ICCID (integrated circuit card identifier).
  2. International mobile subscriber identity number.
  3. Information about ciphering and security authentication.
  4. Two passwords- one is a personal identification number (PIN) for ordinary use.

Personal unblocking code (PUC) for PIN unlocking.

5. related to the local network temporary information contained.

Types of SIM card

iPhone X

1.Standard SIM card

it is the oldest type used in all handsets. largest of all SIM types measuring 25*15mm.

2.Smaller micro SIM

They introduced it in 2010.

The only difference between the standard SIM and micro SIM is just its size. the plastic around the microchip for standard SIM. To make the smartphone slimmer and lighter this micro-SIM developed. measures 15*12mm.

3.Smaller Nano SIM

They introduce next to micro Nano-SIM in 2012. Many smartphones now use this feature the slot for it. measures 12.3*8.8mm.

Is any data loss in Reducing the SIM card?

iPhone X

When you notice a SIM card, the gold color is visible for you this is the main part. Because, it stores information about personal details like contact numbers and text messages, etc.

While you place a SIM in your phone for that you are cutting it then be careful otherwise, won’t work and lose the things like.

1. frequently coverage is loosed.

2. signal strength is reduced.

3. call drops

4. if you are in the area where 4G works on then no 4G will available for you.

5. for frequent network searches battery is drained.

6. because of the unstable connection slow internet access.

Uses and importance of the SIM card

  • SIM cards are used always in GSM phones.
  • with CDMA phones, only newer LTE-capable handsets are needed.
  • In satellite phones, cameras, smartwatches, computers also SIM cards are used.
Using iPhone X SIM in android phone

As we discussed until now the size of the SIM card is developed according to the phone design.

From 2010 we are using micro and Nano SIMS were


Till iPhone 4 the Apple uses micro-SIM. After introducing the iPhone 5 the Nano SIM is used in it.

You know that when you purchased the iPhone through anyway if you want to use it with any carrier you must unlock it first by clearing all dues.

Now, use any network carrier freely.

the SIM used in iPhone X is Nano-sized SIM card its size is a3 – in -1 punch.

smartphones have a dual SIM to enable two different networks. But, apple up to iPhone X series uses only a Nano-SIM which is embedded called embedded SIM.

It is fine, you can use your iPhone X Nano-SIM in android.

Nowadays Android phones also use Nano SIMS. no problem if it is micro or standard SIM because we have adapters for that.

And when you buy a SIM, many of the companies give attached adaptors with it. So, use that or otherwise just cut it and use micro or Nano-SIM.


There is information about the SIM card. I hope you all have a glance and make use of it.