Air Power launched in 2018,You can also charge Air Pods. But still you might wanna ask Is Air Pods compatible with wireless charging released as a single case? Is there charge dedicated to Air Power, Air Power, charging speed…? Why does Air Power’s price exceeds 178 dollars?

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  1. What is Air Power?
  2. How its work?

Can Apple Watch charger charge the Airpods? Apple is keeping its wireless future dream alive and is finally letting users charge their iPhones wirelessly. The new iPhones the company announced today — the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X — all support Qi wireless charging.

Apple working on a charging mat, called Air Power, that’ll charge not only iPhones, but also the Apple Watch and Air Pods. All three devices can charge at once. Apple says it’s working with Qi to incorporate this into the standard. The mat features fast charging, too. The Air Power charger will be available next year.

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1 What is Air Power?

Air Power is a wireless charger for Qi technology, but Air Power is different from other wireless chargers on the market.

2 How its work?

A typical wireless charger requires the iPhone to be placed in a specific location to be charged, but for Air Power, you can activate wireless charging by placing the unit in any location, and supports up to three devices. (Other wireless chargers can only support one, or put multiple chargers together to support multiple devices.)

Just like the schematic released by Apple, you can charge the iPhone, Apple Watch and Air Pods on the board at the same time, which is very convenient. The iPhone even has neat animations showing the charging status of other paired Air Pods and Apple Watch.

3 Air Power launched in 2018

Air Power was announced in September 2017 the same as iPhone X. The release time is forecasted only as “2018”, and there is no announcement about prices as well.

Mr. Mark Garman, a journalist from Bloomberg who is familiar with Apple’s trends, reports that Air Power’s release date will be “before September or during September” as information from stakeholders .

The feature of Air Power is that it can charge the iPhone X, the iPhone 8/8 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3, and the wireless charging case for Air Pods, which is anticipated to be released in 2018, at the same time, which are compatible with wireless charging I will.

Although Apple complies with the widely prevailing wireless charging standard “Qi (Chi)” standard for Air Power charging technology, it announces that it is Apple’s proprietary technology.

3 You can also charge Air PodsCan Apple Watch charger charge the Airpods?

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And about the correspondence to the mysterious wireless earphone “Air Pods “. At the recital, the scenes charged in parallel with iPhone X, Apple Watch, Air Pods were released, but details about that were not told well.

The difference was that real indicators were on exhibition at September’s presentation, as the LED indicator fell to the front and the button on the back moved slightly above.

Is Air Pods compatible with wireless charging released as a single case?

The charging case attached to the current Air Pods does not support wireless charging. So it seems to be necessary to replace the replacement charging case or Air Pods itself, but its sales information has not been announced at the moment.

There is charge dedicated to Air Power

As Air Power’s privilege, there is a dedicated SE when charging starts.

When putting other devices, the animation flowing on iPhone’s screen also makes Air Power’s privilege.

Air Power, charging speed…?

Looking at the specifications of the wireless charging pad released by mophie et al., there is a statement that “High speed wireless charging will be available by software update provided free of charge within the year “. This high speed wireless charging is 7.5 W, but I do not know what the Air Power will be.

By the way, we know that charging at 7.5 W will be released with the next iOS 11.2 software update (currently at 5 W).

Air Power’s price exceeds 200$?

Finally, about the price you care about. Air Power but I have not been announced the price not only the Release Date, Mac Rumors in Poland of online sites that are introduced “X-Komi”, the price is 199 US dollars information to become Has appeared.