Apple Watch in combination with an Android phone: is that possible?

Do you have an Android phone and do you want to buy an Apple Watch? Many people ask us if they can use an Apple Watch with their Android smartphone. In addition, they want to know if it is possible to use an Apple Watch without iPhone at all.

Apple Watch & Android: no match made in heaven

Unfortunately, the combination Apple Watch and Android is not a happy combination. This is a damper for the many owners of Android phones who would like to purchase an Apple Watch. The only option you have is to link your Apple Watch to an iPhone from a family member.

For example, you can temporarily plug the SIM card from your Android phone into that iPhone and then quickly pair your Apple Watch. As soon as that iPhone is no longer used, you also lose all the features that Apple Watch can only execute in combination with the iPhone. This is not recommended because you are missing a lot of features and because the battery of your Apple Watch will empty much faster.

According to this article  from iMore you can possibly do this if you have an Apple Watch 3 (with 4G / LTE). Unfortunately, the battery then also empties very quickly and the solution is rather “hacky”, as they themselves call it.

What options do you have as an Android user?

As an Android user you can best watch smartwatches that also run on Android. Preferably you choose a smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0, such as the Movado Connect or the Zen watch. Android Wear works perfectly with your Android smartphone. Even if you have an iPhone, a smartwatch with Android Wear is often possible, albeit to a limited extent. Also read: Android Wear in combination with an iPhone. Fortunately for Android users, there are many more different Android smartwatches than Apple Watches.

Will the Apple Watch work with Android devices? The question is of course whether Apple will ever add more compatibility (for Android) to the Apple Watch. On the one hand, Apple likes to keep its own system closed. This has advantages for safety, but of course also disadvantages for the Apple Watch market share. The group of potential buyers would be a lot bigger if all Android users could also use the Apple Watch.

Apple Music

Apple Music is an example of how it can be done: Apple Music also has an Android app for example. This is one of the few examples where Apple makes its software available to other platforms. Another good example is of course iTunes, which can also be installed on a Windows PC.

Many people on the internet indicate that they are happy with their Android smartphone, but would like to have the watch OS experience on their wrist. They see that Android Wear 2.0 is a big improvement, but still far behind the watch OS that Apple developed especially for the Apple Watch.

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Unfortunately, these people have no way to enjoy the Apple Watch. Apple has always been very stubborn in this. Nevertheless, it must also be very attractive for Apple to tap into this market; there are many more Android users of iOS users worldwide. For that reason alone, it would not be a bad idea to make watch OS more open to Android.

Unfortunately, for the time being we can only speculate about possible support. Until then, there is only one thing for Android users who really want an Apple Watch.