The launch of the iPhone 7 actually surprised the world. Many things to mention for that. Air pods surprise for the world. One more thing to add to this. The size of the iPhone 7 series is similar to the former iPhone 6. Feeling happy to save some bucks on the case if planning to upgrade. But you won’t. The reason is mobile cases are not only about dimensions. There are many other factors that help to decide the case of a phone. know the factors and get the answer for do iPhone 7 plus cases fit iPhone 6 plus?

These factors 

  • Camera alignment.
  • Camera size.
  • Audio jack.
  • Speaker position.
  • Mike position.

And you can compare them here. Thus, still you have to consider many things before trying to fit iPhone 7 in iPhone 6 case.

And in this case, it is the camera of Apple that is going to push you to spend some extra dollars on the case. Because in iPhone 7 the camera bulge on the back of the phone is not going to fit in the previous model’s cases. The camera lens is not only bigger from the previous model but it is also inclined toward one side more. Thus, the camera cut out will not allow you to use the case of iPhone 6 with the iPhone.

There is no chance that you can use an iPhone 6 case for iPhone 7 all due to its camera and flash setup.

The case is even difficult when we talk about iPhone 7 Plus as it comes with a two cameras alignment. So, the best option is only to buy a new case. Because cameras are not the only difference in iPhone 6 and 7, but the audio jack. iPhone 6 models have an audio jack that is absent in the successive model.

Therefore, you have two major reasons to buy a new case. Because the previous models have cases designed exclusively for them and iPhone 7 have their own covers.