Here, you will know what are the odds of purchasing an iPhone X from Japan and use it in India? Will it actually work? What could be the problems that may arise? Or will there be problems that I should be ready about? Why is a person from India buy it from Japan? Is it really cheaper from Japan?

Are there any differences between iPhone X from Japan to iPhone X from India? Will I save money with my decision? What is Factory Unlocked iPhone X? let us together know the answers in all of our question before we can buy one and get our hands full with this new iPhone X.

  • Will iPhone X purchased in Japan work in India?
  • Is it convenient to purchase the iPhone X from Japan then go to India?

iPhone X purchased from Japan

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iPhone X is sold all over the world. It is now available to 70 countries. According to Quartz, as of May 1 of this year, Apple announces their fiscal second-quarter earnings of a whopping $61.1 billion – No doubt, Apple is still a success. With that being said, India, as one of the fastest growing economy in the world, and potentially be the fastest one until 2050, and being very technologically advanced, having a gadget that could make their life easier is a must. Instead of saying India is a third-world country, I can say that it is a developing country will all the works are done by the other heir people same reason why they also have a variety of mobile brands made available for them from different countries.

According to,, Apple ranked number 2 as the most reliable mobile phone in the country. Among the brands on the list, iPhone is the only one that has a different software – iOS, the rest is Android, making it stand out even if it did not get the top spot. iPhone X being the ‘high range’.

Even before the iPhone X made available to India, people from the country starts to pre-order it to get it first hand from their country. It took India by a storm. They can get it online like Flipkart, thru their bank or thru Airtel (mobile phone carrier) unlocked iPhone X as long as it is available and of course,

Apple store located in their country. But, just like any other people, some Indians prefer to buy from another country. Japan, for example, the question is, will it still work in India?

To answer the question, yes, it will work. As long as the iPhone X is factory unlocked. Meaning, it is not bound to any carriers where you bought your iPhone from, then by all means, you can use it without any problems. One thing that won’t be available for the consumer buying an iPhone X from a different country is that companies do not provide an international warranty.

So if you need to have a repair during its warranty period, it will be hard for you to get it done. You have to shed some bucks to fix it. And that could be a hindrance since technical assistance for iPhones is quite hefty. So, why would an Indian purchase an iPhone X in Japan if it is already available in their country?

As mentioned earlier, Apple ranked number 2 as the most reliable smartphones in India. The problem is the cost of iPhone X, being the most “talked about” phone in the market all over the world, is really expensive. has a helpful information about this.

Well, in India, the iPhone X 64GB and 256GB cost, Rs 89,000 and Rs 102,000 respectively, while in Japan, iPhone X 64GB and 256GB costs 112,800 Yen (Rs 65,000) and 130045 Yen (75,000). So, that is basically around Rs 25,000. You still can buy a lot with that amount. You can stay one night in one of the five-star hotels in New Delhi or buy a 32-inch LED TV or a mid-featured laptop and lots and lots of stuff available in the Indian Market. I guess I won’t have to elaborate on how iPhone X is cheaper from Japan versus purchasing it from India.

With all other options on getting an iPhone X in India, purchasing it from Japan also has its fair share of pros and cons. Pros is that iPhone X is way, way cheaper from Japan than in India. However, was it really convenient? Do you really save? Flying to Japan to get an iPhone X is also costly as well as shipping since you need to pay all different taxes that came with purchasing a gadget from outside of your country. Thus, the next time you think about purchasing a phone outside of your country, you might want to research more or you’ll get what you pay for.

Just a little trivia, the iPhone X that is purchased from Japan or any other phones don’t have a way to turn off a camera shutter. Why? Because they have a law about taking pictures. According to NTT Docomo, it was executed “to prevent secret filming or other privacy issues.” And the Softbank’s spokesperson added, “This was done to prevent camera phones from being used in ways offensive to public morals. We continue to request handset manufacturers use the shutter sound,”

That is one clever way to protect privacy. Well done, Japan! Well, for me, I’d rather have a trip to Japan and buy an iPhone X and wander to the land of the rising sun. After all, there is so much more worth seeing in Japan while you get your dream phone – iPhone X.

It is rather wise purchasing an iPhone X from Japan because it is much cheaper. Now, you can ask a friend or a relative to get you an iPhone X then ship it to you or you can fly and visit Japan and get your hands to the world’s most famous phone because iPhone has now global warranty, according to India In which will be applicable for one year, for iPhones that are factory unlocked. So you can enjoy cheaper iPhone x and have a worry-free experience. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.


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